Digital bridge between teacher and student

A teacher and a student from the most alluring relationship ever since 600 A.D. Which marks the beginning of formal education on this planet because it is the relation in which the teacher signs up to upgrade their student and make them the best of them and the student signs up to incorporate every knowledge learned from their teacher with pure intentions. Earlier the only interaction a teacher and a student could have was only at school and the student had to wait for the complete day to clear doubts or any query on any topic; but since the invasion of technology and raised level of education, the students get to interact with a ‘teacher’ in literally every other quadrant of day. Online learning platforms like PostStudyQuery have facilitated the tutors and students to interact with each other according to their educational needs.

Online learning platform - Most common problems of students overcome by PostStudyQuery:

1) Finding the right teacher:

This is the most challenging task to accomplish for any student. Most students are not happy with the education system of schools and colleges due to many factors, and soon they detach themselves from studies that could affect their academic results. PostStudyQuery has designed its platform such that the selection of appropriate teacher has become very easy. Just create your account, and find a tutor near your place or you can check online tutors also. PostStudyQuery provides filter options as per student requirements. The best things are that you can find different tutors as per their tags, and points. First, try with a free session with a tutor and if you really like, then book your further pay sessions.

2) Cost-efficient learning platform:

PostStudyQuery has very economical yet value for money packages which could be compared boldly with various online and home tutor’s packages. Students only need to pay for what they want to learn from tutors. Tutors can design a course for a specific topic to teach students. Tutors also can create their skills related cards to show students.

3) Finding a solution to a particular query:

PostStudyQuery provides one of the unique features of delivering a segmented learning option. Students can post their learning requirements or could find a tutor who can teach relevant topics to students. The interested tutor will participate in students' posted requirements, or students can search on the PostStudyQuery platform displaying tutor skills, tutor package, and tutor free options.

A Cherry on the cake:

1) Providing perfect space for teacher and student:

The teacher and a student sometimes need to interact in a private ambiance which is again facilitated by PostStudyQuery. A teacher and student can exchange private query-interaction session over the message. A student can ask any study-related questions to tutor from a private message. One-to-one interaction helps the student to understand a topic in a better way.

2) A healthy environment:

With PostStudyQuery both teachers and students get a healthy ambiance of quality education sync. They can get each other’s response there itself thus letting each other know what is working for them and what is not. A tutor will guide students and helps them to resolve study-related issues.

3) Perpetual work:

PostStudyQuery has opened up space for teachers to get perpetual work if they are good at what they do. Just gain more and more points and attract more and more learners perpetually. They can also enroll themselves with many institutes listed on the PostStudyQuery platform.

This digital age has brought an educational revolution that would amplify day by day thus creating more and more opportunities for both teachers and students to excel in their fields by working collaterally. The day is near when every single Homosapien would be educated and would fight against misfortune.

PostStudyQuery's formula for quality education is:

Navigate PostStudyQuery platform + Choose relevant tutor = Award yourself with quality education and resolve study related doubts

Is E-learning Economically Viable?

It is a popular saying that you can learn while you earn but you cannot earn if you do not learn. Hence systematic learning is required to produce a substantial economy. Also, many educationalists have claimed, that "you never spend on education; you only invest in education.” The current prototype model of education fortifies the assiduous of teachers completely. In the case of E-learning, it is more economical for the learners. Due to its electronic thus digital nature, the expenses could be monitored and controlled by the students according to their needs.

"You can learn while you earn but you cannot earn if you do not learn"

PostStudyQuery has facilitated - Economic benefits to use PostStudyQuery for E-learning patterns:

1) You can choose your budget:

This feature allows the students to choose tutors according to their budget. Even specific topics could be learned by students at distinguished prices per session. Tutors could quote their rates according to their needs.

2) Pay only for what you intend to learn:

Unlike other traditional methods of learning, you can pay only for what you want to learn. This is the most important feature of PostStudyQuery. In other tutoring platforms, you have to buy the complete package which sometimes does not meet your requirement and turns out to be a wastage of time in learning those things which come under those packages thus making it unviable.

"You never spend on education; you only invest in education.”

3) Free Cards (free tutoring offers):

Tutors can make free offers to showcase their skills which could be chosen by the students. They can make any number of free cards they feel like. A tutor can mention his/her expertise on skill cards, and students can directly approach with a tutor as per their needs.

4) Review-system:

This is the system of reviewing online tutors and home tutors from their performance. It creates a sense of competition and growth thus leading to their assiduous. A review is a very economy-friendly and skill analyzing feature. The best performance and helpful tutor will get a higher number of good reviews from students. These reviews will display in the tutor profile.

5) Technical-Support:

The best part of PostStudyQuery is the super-efficient student-friendly and tutor-centric support. You can either post your study related queries or can Whatsapp it, and you can expect the results in the shortest time ever. It is a value for money features.

6) Better social ambiance:

With PostStudyQuery you can connect with skilled and professional tutors who are ready to help students anytime. This is a far better place than any other social learning platform when it comes to serious studies and gains maximum benefits.

Above all, no money is above the educational necessities. There is always a question of quality education that is kept on the zenith. As time is riding on the horse of digits, it is very likely that in the upcoming decade the time would become the least available entity of humans, and thus investing time would be a far big deal than investing money. Hence the habit of E-learning would be of vital use in the future. With PostStudyQuery you get the opportunity of landing yourself in the vault of quality education.

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