daily habits that can change your life

daily habits that can change your life


Habit is a regular tendency in doing something knowingly or unknowingly. Habits vary from person to person. Habits are what define your life.

Habits start at an early phase in life and are usually hard to give up. However, you can take up a new habit any time later in your life. If you continue repeating to do a task for 21 days in a stretch, it automatically becomes your habit.

Your habits are looked upon by others, and that is how they register you in their mind. Habits play an important role in changing your life.

Habits may be good or bad. Habits may be conscious or unconscious actions. Needless to say, your habits define your identity.

Jotted down below are some daily habits that can change your life.

  • Start waking up a little early than your usual time. You will soon realize that God has chosen you as his best buddy and offered you beyond 24 hours of time in a day.
  • Live with the environment. Enjoy nature. Keep looking at the trees, feel the cool breeze, walk through the grasslands, observe sunrise and sunset, and listen to the music of the flowing water. You will begin to feel that your life has already changed for good.
  • Eat healthily. Boost your immunity. Help yourself fight against any potential diseases. Add a lot of fruits and vegetables, enough proteins, and carbohydrates to your diet.
  • Spend time talking to yourself. Listen to what your inner voice has to convey to you. The one inside you is the actual you. So keep an eye on self. Habits emerge from within. So be careful to decide wisely.
  • Keep self and belongings organized. This will give you mental peace. If you have the right ambiance to work, your interest levels spike up to work more.
  • Manage your finances in a way that you spend wisely. Do not spend too much on things that you don’t need for immediate use. Money management is directly linked to your lifestyle.
  • Play a lot of physical games. Exercise regularly. This will infuse more energy into the body, and your mind automatically rejuvenates towards a better life.
  • Practice yoga or meditation as a stress-busting routine. If you can control your emotions and stress, you are already halfway through to changing your life for betterment. Change in you implies a change in your environment.
  • Read a lot of books that will enrich your brain with knowledge and wisdom. Reading gives you exposure to other experiences, which enhances your quality of living.
  • Learn something new every day. This makes you happy. Learning new will also change your perspective on life. You would want to do something else also, which will drive home more happiness. You can also boldly preach others.
  • Be courteous and pay gratitude to others. At times, you need to put yourselves in the shoes of others and feel their emotions. Conveying thank you or sorry really means a lot to anybody. So it is ok to do that.
  • Record all your happenings and happiness in a journal every night. Drain out all your thoughts and events of the day into a journal. Also, make it a point to answer in the journal every night, for one important question, “What difference you made today?” This will certainly change your life.
  • Do not think that your job is big and complex. Break the job into smaller actionable tasks and work on. You will feel a lot better and will now be ready to accept new challenges.
  • Be sociable. Spend time with family and friends. You also need to freak out with your loved ones every once in a while to exchange your happiness and memorable moments that each of you would cherish for long.
  • Listen to your favorite music. Music diverts a disturbed and restless mind and gives a soothing relief to all your pain areas. Music certainly exerts control in changing your life.
  • Offer prayers to god. Spirituality is part of life. Shedding out whatever emotions and feelings and pain you are undergoing before god, results in mental peace. Spirituality also lets you choose the right path in life.
  • Have a tight sleep. All that said so far will yield results only if you spend enough time sleeping. With good sleep, your body gets rejuvenated and ready for the next sequence of activities soon you wake up.

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