How to do continuous self motivation during tough time

How to do continuous self motivation during tough time


When you motivate yourself, you keep moving in life, wiping away all the set-backs that you come across. By driving the sense of motivation to self, you take up obstacles as opportunities and stay connected to your goals. You are committed to achieving what you want. You execute things on your own without being under the influence of others.

15 ways to be a self-motivator

Below is a list of simple techniques following which you can continuously motivate yourself when you are in a worrisome situation.

1. Devote time with your own self.

Improving self motivation demands you to first spend time with yourself. Devote time alone in understanding the concern that is bothering you, thereby work towards handling that situation. You can work in solving a problem, only when you really know what the exact problem is.

2. Apply your strengths wherever a requirement arises.

Know your strengths and keep exhibiting them often. Whether you need the skill to help motivate in your work or in the work of others, you should always be ready to perform the strength in you to keep yourself motivated all along.

3. Use water as your companion.

Take a shower. Go for a swim. Spend time using water in your activities, like washing your clothes or utensils. Splash water in the corridor or water your plants. Water activities lead to motivation to self.

4. Exhaust yourself by physical workouts.

Do enough exercises that drain out your energy. When you are low on energy, your mind doesn’t wander around unimportant works. You, therefore in a way, implement the strategies learned as part of how to be a self motivator, by working towards your goals.

5. Run through the playground.

Running uplifts your mood and helps you work towards taking steps in motivation and streamlining your thought process a lot. Your body gets rebalanced, and your mind drives with refreshing thoughts that help you stay focused at tough times.

6. Secure yourself by being in the company of like-minded people.

Always choose to be in the company of those who think, walk, and act like you do. You feel safe and secured. You self inspire and get motivated without your companions, suggesting you anything at all.

7. Get rid of anxieties.

Anxieties create tough situations. Therefore, interpret the various steps in motivation to get rid of these anxieties. To escape out of such a hard-hitting situation, you need to calm down your anxieties. Know the reason for your anxiety and suppress it.

8. Drain out the unhealthiness in you.

When you are physically unwell, you also deprive the focus of the mind. This is your key time where you have to work towards improving self motivation continuously. To do so, and to drive yourself towards your objectives and goals in life, you need to be healthy by the body.

9. Save time to relax your mood.

Keep aside a reasonable amount of your time to relax your mood. Take steps in the motivation of your inner energies. Exercise your mind by playing games and involving in problem-solving situations.

10. Fix the problem, not the blame.

When a problem arises, or misfortune happens, probe for the underlying reasons. Rather than just fixing the blame of the problem over someone, work towards fixing the problem in the first place.

11. Make the most, with the resources in hand.

Try to carve out something useful with the unused resources you have handy. With a creative mind amid by improving self motivation, comes handy a focused attitude. You continue to be focused when you spice up the creativity in you with motivational factors.

12. Dump the negativity of your head.

During tough times, your mind wanders around negative thoughts. But sooner you dump the negativity of the head by hook or crook, and things will involuntarily settle down themselves and your efforts to drive home outcomes, basis, how to be a self motivator, begin to reap results.

13. Don’t try to be perfect, as you can’t be so.

Understand that no individual on this Earth is just perfect. Don’t fake the perfectionism in you. By doing so, you will be heading in the exact opposite direction of motivation to self. It is okay to share your difficulties, and yet ponder upon self-motivating without involving an external partner.

14. Adopt techniques to dispose of the stress in you.

Carry out strategies for self motivation and adopt stress-busting acts that help you stay focused and motivated at work. Your stress pulls you into a tough journey. Once you control the stress and the restlessness in you, your journey inevitably gets interesting.

15. Establish connectivity between your today and tomorrow.

Motivate in such a way that you are ahead of time. While still being in today, you work out your tomorrow. By being ahead of schedule, you continuously pursue to learn how to be a self motivator and assist the inner energies in you.

Repeat the strategies quoted above and get started. Life is a vicious circle of attitudes and actions. Therefore, choose your attitude in approaching a situation. A right attitude drives the self-motivation in you.

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    Self-motivation is the ability that drives you to do things. You also improve self motivation by binding yourself to achieve results without seeking help or encouragement from others. By being self-motivated, you continue to learn many things in life. Despite all odds, you work towards chasing your objectives and also attaining them successfully.

    To uplift your mood and help yourself motivate during tough times, you can choose to follow the below tips.

    1. Just be yourself.

    Self-reflect upon who you really are. Know your fears and take hold of them at the start itself. Write your own list of self motivation examples. Work out alternate plans in place for all the unforeseen uncertainties that you might come across in life.

    2. Give the push to add new skills.

    When you face failure in an instance, understand how to handle by mastering the art of how to get self motivation. This instance then becomes your memorable tough time. Therefore, at times as these, continuously self-motivated by teaching a lesson to your failure. Tame your failure and reap opportunities out of it.

    3. Stand financially committed and established.

    Monetary aspects keep bothering quite a lot of times. Earning and making money forms one of the many important techniques for self motivation. Practice saving a considerable portion of your earnings. Work out techniques to multiply your money. Be financially sound and sustain the lifestyle.

    4. Stand by your ethics in life.

    Know your lifestyle, beliefs, values, and ethics in life. Stand by your philosophies in life and be your own motivation. When you are in a troublesome situation, first understand whether you need to be really worried about and whether it actually falls in the brace of your ethics in life.

    5. Understand clearly the definition of change.

    To handle yourself, learn from self motivation examples. Rehearse the definition of change. Understand that situations keep changing. Because that is the very essence of the term change. Similarly, the tough phase is, for sure, replaced by a pleasant one.

    6. Throw away your dislikes in life.

    Keep off from activities that you do not like. Refrain from taking work that doesn’t fall in the bracket of your beliefs and values in life. When you sideline your dislikes, all that which is left over is your likes, for which you are automatically driven to improve self motivation which enables you to pick and act righteously.

    7. Spoil yourself in the company of loved ones.

    Get lost by spending time with your friends and family, those whom you love the most. By showering out all your worries, you know how to get self motivation. You, in fact, self-motivated without having to expect any kind of influence or encouraging words from others.

    8. Give a permanent fix to recursive problems.

    Most problems in life are redundant in nature. List down all such recursive problems. Deploy the techniques for self-motivation and put them on the job. Work in a way to fix the problem forever, not for, just the moment.

    9. Organize everything that belongs to you.

    Diffuse the mess in and around you by putting things to work from the self motivation examples you absorbed in life. Give away the belongings of others. And for those of yours, settle things down in an organized manner. Healthy ideas crop up from a healthy ambiance.

    10. Take yourself for a drive.

    When in a mood of distress, just take a break from routine and pick yourself up for a drive. As you keep moving your body across distances, you improve self motivation besides motivating your inner self and diffuse the distractions and tough times that you might otherwise be experiencing.

    11. Cheat the worries that misguide you.

    When your worries distract and misguide you, apply the same trick on them. Revert back to them with courage and tell them that you know better how to get self motivation. Don’t fall for your worries, rather, cheat them by abstaining from surrendering yourself.

    12. Understand that every moment is unpredictable.

    You cannot judge every single moment. You may be in a hard situation now. But understand that it doesn’t stay with you for long. Your very next moment might contradict to the present moment and walk with favor into your life. By rehearsing the techniques for self motivation, you choose to live in the moment, rather, in every single moment.

    13. Nurture and counsel yourself.

    Help yourself understand and talk as if you were an outsider to the problem. Be your own motivation and counsel your mind. Because suggestions are the easiest things to give in life. Therefore, counsel yourself as if you were giving to a third person.

    14. Lineup your problem areas and work one by one.

    List down all the fear triggers that arise in your mind. Work towards seizing them one after another with your skills. Master new skills if need be and be your own motivation. Lead by being yourself to be an example.

    To sum up, understand that there will be good times and bad times as well. You just have to work out ways to pick up yourself when you fall. Self-motivate the inner you and keep going.

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