Competing With Yourself: Path to Personal Growth

Competing With Yourself: Path to Personal Growth


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between competing with yourself and others? Competing with yourself and competing with others, you might notice this. But it causes a lot of psychological changes in your mentality.

You're thinking of power and how you interact with people, which can cause a change in your daily life. When you compete with others, the only mentality you have in mind is that you should always compare yourself.

With the ones who are better and superior to you. It won't do anything but make your life worse than ever. Comparing yourself with others constantly makes your mindset miserable.

This might cause you to feel that you are not good enough to sustain in this world. What are some of the most negative and self-destructive thoughts that a person can ever have? Negative thoughts can never make you happy or successful in life.

Grabbing some attention towards you rather than throwing it towards others will show some amazing results. You will recognize that you are still competing with your peers, but odds are we will go further.

The factor that determines your performance in a competition is nothing other than your self–confidence. And having negative thoughts is a bad thing for it because it initially makes you feel that you are just not made for it. Eventually, you start believing there is nothing that you can't do in this world.

While these factors do not affect you when you are competing with yourself. Because when you compete with others, you always focus on your luck. You never appreciate what you have when you compete with yourself.

Always appreciate what you have and focus on being a better version of yourself. Don't focus on your lacking points, and don't worry about the things you don't have. The only thing you do is to make your life better than what it is now. It will bring positivity to your life and your mind and just make you more productive in your daily life.

Also, it teaches the body and mind how to focus on the important things. How to ignore unwanted elements can help you get a grip on this. High-performance focuses more intentionally on bettering their previous work rather than beating their opponents. Worrying about the opponent's superiority and ability can also be self-defeating.

Comparing yourself with others won't help you improve yourself. Meanwhile, this can be achieved when you compete with yourself. Competing with yourself makes you better and helps you cross, break, and replace the current limits with better and improved ones.

Your only competition should be yourself. Because when you think about yourself, you just feel grateful and work to be better and greater—greater from the present, which will make you more satisfied and successful in your life. Everyone wants to have their brains in the most productive state possible. Every individual must believe that—My biggest and the only competition is myself.

Having a productive brain can bring joy to your life and make it more successful than ever. Therefore, the best competition you have in your life is yourself.

Also, from childhood, we face many comparisons regarding competing with others. Since childhood, we are always told that this guy is better than you. The only thing that people don't understand is that the guy to whom they are comparing you is not better than you.

You just have a different field of interest than him. He might be better in a particular field, but there is no surety that he will perform better in the field in which you have your interest. Apart from these, also keep in mind. While competing with other individuals, you tend to fall into their trap. This trap leads to a decrease in the success rate, eventually leading to Depression, Anxiety, and Self-Doubt.

There are probabilities of small wins in these situations. But eventually, you will end up losing everything in the long run. Hate has never been beneficial to anyone. Your primary goal must be success in the long run—constant and periodic developments, not a small win and lose.

Keep improving yourself, and you will notice various evolutions in your life. These small evolutions will make you happy. Growth can be maximized easily by self-improvement. So it finally comes to your decision: whether you want to be a puppet to them or become your competitor and become independent from the others.

Suppose you are in a field that not many people know about. You only have two or three competitors in there. After some time, you will be on top of them. In other words, you are superior in that field. Henceforth, now that you have achieved the topmost position, what are you going to do. Will you stop over there and wait for the next competitor to come and compete with you. Or you compete with yourself and make your work even better than it was.

From now on, you know better that you compete with yourself. And make you a better version for a better yourself. To compete with yourself as competing with yourself makes you the best. Henceforth, you should only compete with one person: yourself.

The most successful brands in any industry look inward to have continuous improvement programs, secret shoppers, ongoing and remedial training, and other internal initiatives that laser-focus their efforts on better service, product quality, and execution daily. These successful companies are perfect examples of why you are your own best competition: myself.

12 reasons people who compete with themselves

Following are the 12 reasons people who compete with themselves-

1. Competing with yourself makes you more grateful to yourself, which brings more positivity to your life.

2. It helps you to know your limits and also helps you to cross your limits and go out of a safe zone.

3. It makes you a better version of yourself by improving you much more than you could have ever imagined about yourself.

4. It helps you to set your new and improved limits.

5. it's never stressing you about the things you don't have and the things you lack.

6. It never tends to decrease your self-confidence, which can cause harm to your lifestyle.

7. It never brings harmful comparative feelings into your life, which causes the loss of joy in your life.

8. It also helps you to pay attention to your field and not to bother about the others coming up or down.

9. It helps you to focus on your main goals.

10. It helps you to be more satisfactory, as breaking your records has a much more pleasurable feeling than breaking someone else's records.

11. Advantage from when you are the best in some particular field. And if you compete with yourself, it helps you to improve further.

12. Competing with yourself helps you be better and the best for a long time.

Then you might also be thinking about how to compete with yourself. Competing with yourself is not an easy task at all. When you compete with yourself, the only thing that you should have in your mind is 'to focus on your work.'

Do what you are doing if you start noticing the people who are coming and enticing you to compete with them. Then, ultimately, you won't be able to compete with yourself. Because it would decrease your potential and make you weaker than you are.

This potential question is: How do I compete with myself? It must arise in every individual. If you want to compete with yourself, then focus is the most powerful and necessary weapon. Compete with yourself with the hundred percent of your potential.

The potential is also a thing that matters a lot when you compete with yourself. When you are competing with yourself, you know everything. About yourself, you're potential, your highs, and your lows. Things you don't know are where you lack, but it's the potential that will hold you up in all those situations.

How to compete with myself is a question that every individual must ask himself. Competing with yourself means only concentrating on your work without bothering about the world, which also implies a kind of isolation.

Yes, you have read-write isolation is also a very important tour if you want to compete with yourself, as isolation provides you with total mental stability.

For whatever reason, if you cannot completely concentrate on your work, make yourself free and isolated from the rest of the stuff happening in your surroundings, for instance, social media, news, etc. Some kinds of distractions can pull your attention towards them, making your process a little slower and making you a weaker form of yourself.

Patience is also very much required when you compete with yourself. When you are competing with yourself, you just create and improve things. On your own, this takes some important time. It can cause a feeling of irritation in your mind, which is very harmful to the work that you are doing and also very harmful to you.

Also talking about irritation, it is the biggest enemy that can ruin your existing work and progress within no amount.

You must always accept that there is someone better than you. Don’t be overconfident and greedy about your success.

Accepting this aspect will eventually inspire and satisfy us. Satisfaction will then lead to a happier mode of development.

Satisfaction is also something that can pause your life in its current state, as the feeling of satisfaction conveys a message in your mind: That what you have done and achieved is already fine and a well-finished result.

You should not be destined while you compete with yourself because everything won't come up as we expect it to. They just pop up without caring about you, whether you are in a good phase or you are facing some difficulty. You have to deal with it in a very courageous way.

You might also think that changes are not good, but sometimes, changes produce a better outcome than you expected.

Lastly, believe in yourself because it will give you more confidence. You, too, have faith in yourself and believe in your work. This will help you to be patient and maintain good mental health and stability. Also, some of the few helping tips that can help you to compete with yourself are calmness, controlling your temper, and being grateful.

As stated previously, also your main aim is to succeed in the long run. To succeed in the long run, constant work and effort need to be taken. This continuous hard work will then build an entire empire for you. You won’t even realize when you came so close to success. Competing with others is an inevitable task.

But if you compete with a particular person, he or she becomes your level, and if you cross the level, you think you are ahead of them and have already won the competition.

Be encouraged by your personal growth; look at how far you've come from where you used to be, and keep building on it. But always compete with yourself, set realistic goals, and give yourself a reasonable amount of time to achieve them. Stay true to your wants and needs.

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