Characteristics and Behaviors of a Confident Person

Characteristics and Behaviors of a Confident Person


Confidence is your feeling of trust in something or upon somebody. You can have confidence in your own self and/or on others. If you have self-confidence, it means you have the utmost faith in yourself that you can deliver something to its best. If you have confidence upon others, it means you rely on the other person so much so that you share all your private space with that person, bagged by a sense of mutual trust.

Your self-confidence is showcased well to the world when you exhibit few or more of the below stated behavioral traits. With such acts of yours, you not only have the upper hand over the cynical, but you also inspire others and they make things happen.

  1. You play the role of an active and attentive listener.
  2. While in a conversation, you tend to be empathetic and let the other person make his/her statement first.
  3. You pay attention to detail and narrow down your thoughts on the subject matter, to gain more insight into the same.
  4. You make presentations with the utmost confidence in mind and bravery at heart.
  5. You tend to be bold and a go-getter.
  6. You easily drive home your thoughts and opinions when in a conversation or meeting.
  7. Your gestures, body language, and calm composure talk before you even utter a word.
  8. You are a positive thinker and broad-minded at heart.
  9. You exhibit more of an extrovert personality trait.
  10. You are able to view and analyze the same thing from varied perspectives.
  11. You are a continuous learner and always thrive and have the thrust for knowledge.
  12. You accept, admit mistakes committed by you if any.
  13. You maintain the tendency to learn from not just your mistakes, but also learn from others' mistakes.
  14. When you introspect about something or someone, you generally ask open-ended questions, making the other person feel at ease.
  15. You will accept challenges and problem-solving situations.
  16. You neither take credit for your work nor feel proud when you are praised.
  17. You generally don’t wait for others to validate your work, because you are the kind of person who believes that true validation comes from within.
  18. You not only keep gaining knowledge about various subjects, but also gain enough wisdom and life skills grooming them not just for your advantage, but also for others if need be.
  19. You don’t give time for celebrations for your accomplishments or show off your work in public.
  20. You are open to help others, usually from anything to everything, primarily because of your knowledge levels, skills, and expertise.
  21. You feel highly secured not because of the wealth and riches you might have, but you feel secured because of the vast knowledge base you profoundly have.
  22. You make yourself accessible to others, either sharing your knowledge or sharing your thoughts and opinions.
  23. You don’t wait for people to notice you, nor do you seek the attention of others. You just keep doing your job and reviewing it all by yourself.
  24. You don’t crib over others, nor spread rumors or involve in gossips, etc.
  25. You have a sense of emotional balance, and keep your anger and stress levels very much under control.
  26. You neither compare others nor involve yourself in comparative discussions done for no cause.
  27. You always want to give out your best.
  28. You don’t mind being a source of laughter for others and for your own self.
  29. You do realize the fact of life that when you are genuine and down-to-earth, people don’t laugh at you. Rather, they laugh with you.
  30. You bow yourself to seek approvals only from the people who really matter to you.
  31. You gain the trust and respect of others, no matter what you do or what you say.
  32. You earn your confidence through hard work and self-esteem, and when you cross the line of arrogance.
  33. You do not just focus on your strengths. Rather, you are the kind of person who works out on the weak areas, make plans and strategies for either getting rid of such weaknesses or replacing them with other strengths or at the least minimizing their negative impact on self and others.
  34. You generally challenge and compete even when you know that your efforts are expected to yield small victories.
  35. Whatever statement you make, you make it with certainty and clarity of though.

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