5 Challenges to Goal Setting and how to resolve

5 Challenges to Goal Setting and how to resolve


The goal is your objective in life. The goal is how you envision to be yourself in the future. Goal setting, therefore, involves the entire gamut of activities right from identification of your long term requirements and until laying down an action plan that helps you in meeting all such requirements.

Setting goals is kind of sensitive in nature. In the sense, that goal setting not only requires a considerable amount of thoughts, ideas, and reasons, but they also need the stimulating continuous actions that lead you to this journey to your desired goal.

You encounter a couple of constraints in life as part of setting these goals. You can however refer the below listed down challenges which you could cross over. Each jotted down obstacle comes with a strategy guiding you how you can arrest the obstacle and proceed further. Understand that you need to resolve your obstacles in goal setting to succeed in life at large.

  1. Time constraint.

You are highly preoccupied with your busy schedule and you fail to give time in setting your goals in life. Time constraint plays a significant role, as each person on earth gets only 24 hours a day, irrespective of his location base.

You can arrest this pitfall in two ways. Adopt appropriate time management skills in life. Do work efficiently and effectively. Master smart working techniques. Alternatively, buy time from others. One important management rule says, ‘don’t do the things which others can do it for you’. This way you will have your own 24 hours a day, plus additional time of others in all such instances where you delegate your work.

  1. Lack of self-introspection.

You fail to assess your skills and exhibit your potential. You may be having the necessary skills to achieving your goals, but you fail to set goals that best suit your requirement. This may be because you don’t understand your own in-built talent.

Spend time with yourself and for yourself. Don’t just get carried away with the day to day activities that are mostly monotonous in nature. Explore your inner abilities. Test yourselves every once in a while to connect to your expertise. This way you can set your goals more precisely and on realistic grounds. You also get to work with much ease.

  1. Hesitant to working beyond your boundaries.

You grow to do the same set of tasks repeatedly every single day. You have over the years established your own comfort zone. You tend to develop that laziness and usually hesitate to pick up new goals and accept new challenges in life.

Make your life interesting. You understand your life journey far better than anybody else. Make your life even more interesting by crossing your boundaries and limitations. Explore beyond your horizons, pick up newer tasks, and accept new challenges. Earn your goals, polish your skills, and groom your personality. Don’t let your comforts arrest you. Rather arrest your comforts and look out for a newer challenging and fulfilling life.

  1. Incompetent to digest failures.

You set a goal and related action plans. But when you fail at any stage, you do not have the will power to accept mistakes. Gradually, you even think of giving up on the goal, out of depression and demotivation.

To get rid of such in-competencies, you have to be emotionally strong and fit. You have to maintain a stable and positive mindset. Understand that both failure and success are part of life. When you fail, reroute to the destined path with doubled energy levels. Also, make it a point that you learn from your mistakes. Turn every failure into new learning that should mark afresh new beginning in life.

  1. Indefinite and ambiguous goals.

You know what results from you want to see in life, you understand very well the reasons behind it. But you fail to set your goal in a concrete manner. You generally underperform if your goals are too broad or too vague in life.

Set your goals yourself. You know the reasons better than any other person who influences you in goal setting. Have a concrete result planned in place. If your goal is indefinite, despite how much you drive yourselves, you may still not be able to yield the desired results. Narrow down your goals and make them more specific.

Understand that obstacles are part of the journey of life. Just as you envision your goals, also foresee your obstacles. You need to set goals that are practically achievable. Estimate and overcome obstacles that cross over and you can hit your targets with ease.

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