Understanding the Causes of Negative Thinking

Understanding the Causes of Negative Thinking


Thinking is the action generated in your mind to produce ideas, opinions, or decisions. You also think when you experience cherishable moments in life. You make mistakes which is a very normal human tendency. While some mistakes help you to learn in life, some other mistakes can put you in trouble as well.

So, basically thought process is understood either to think from a positive perspective or from a negative perspective. All that matters is how you manage the situation and your state of mind, to help succeed with positive thoughts and overcome the fears, barriers, and hurdles affected by your negative thoughts.

With a positive approach in mind, you have the determination and the will power backed by self-esteem to achieve the desired results. Whereas with a negative approach in mind, even the smallest task looks complex to you. You feel driving into the dark. Your overall well-being is gone for a toss.

10 main reasons for negative thinking

Listed below are 10 such main causes of negative thinking, for you to consider when tuning your mindset.

1. Shadow effect of past negativity.

You experienced a situation that went against you. When a similar situation comes your way yet again, you kind of carry those negative perceptions this time as well. So, negative thinking is probably a result of your bad experiences which you had in the past.

2. Financially unstable.

You have responsibilities in life, just like anybody else. Responsibilities are part of life and they add value to your life. However, by quoting that as the reason, if you fail to save at least forty percent of your income, then you are said to be financially unstable. This in turn fuels and erupts out the negative thinking from your mind.

3. Lack of self-confidence.

You assume that you don’t have the desired skill to execute a task. You fail to understand your potential. And this gap is sufficient for your negative energies to occupy that space and worry you even more.

4. Response from your audience.

When in a conversation with a group, the lack of responsiveness from the group corners you to feel inferior as if you were boring them. Maybe, your every single deliverable has a take a way for them, which is why they didn’t want to disturb you in the middle of your information flow.

5. Over-thinking.

For some technical reasons and reasons which went beyond your control, if you weren’t able to contact your loved ones, negative thinking immediately enters your mind.

6. Disqualifying yourself.

Generalizing your skills, as if anybody else could also do it. You feel being under so much pressure that despite you drive home results, you still feel that it could have been done by any other person just like you and that you are not special. You fail to showcase your talent.

7. Setting unrealistic expectations and goals.

When you have a desire in mind and set it as your goal in life, ensure that it is realistic in nature. Else, you might have to be prepared for not being able to reach your goal in full, as expected, resulting in the emergence of negative thoughts in your mind.

8. Blaming yourself for a negative effect confronted around you.

When something negative happens in a situation that you handle along with a group, you take the blame and carry that negative energy in you for quite a length of time. This casts recurring effects on the next set of activities that you undertake. In such a situation, you feel substandard and actually lack self-esteem in accepting and facing challenges in life.

9. An unhealthy body gives rise to an unhealthy mind.

Eat healthily and stay fit. If you have health concerns about yourself or loved ones that bother you, it results in causing negative thinking in your mind. So always ensure to take proper care of self and family.

10. You are bound by too many commitments in life.

If you carry the responsibility hat that is imbibed with multiple commitment feathers backed by an imbalance between your personal and professional life, it certainly results in tossing negative thinking in your mind.

Having said all that, you also have to focus on the ground reality of life. Good and bad phases keep switching in your life day in and day out. Understand that if any external factor influences you, you just have to accept it as it is beyond your control. But if an internal factor like anger or stress or overthinking causes negative thinking to labor in your mind, then it has to be consciously controlled by you. You need to proactively switch towards positive thinking in life to attain hope and success, adding meaning to your life.

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