Increase productivity and become highly efficient with these habits:
  1. Focus on the most important tasks first.
  2. Cultivate deep work.
  3. Keep a distraction list to stay focused.
  4. Use the Eisenhower Matrix to identify long-term priorities.
  5. Use the 80/20 rule.
  6. Break tasks into smaller pieces.
  7. Take breaks.
  8. Make fewer decisions.
  1. Avoid Multitasking.
  2. Turn Off Your Non-Essential Technology.
  3. Shut The Door While You Work.
  4. Create A Personalized Structure.
  5. Set A Finish Time.
  6. Pre-Plan Breaks.
  7. Remember Some Tasks Are More Important Than Others.
  8. Set A Bedtime And Keep To It.
7 Productivity Hacks To Accomplish All Your Tasks Every Day
  1. Write Out a Basic Plan for the Day.
  2. Set Time for each Task.
  3. Follow Through Meticulously.
  4. Give Total Attention to the Task at Hand.
  5. Give Precedence to those Activities that Produce Quality Results.
  6. Be Sensitive to the Schedule.
  7. Go Back to Your List of Basic Plans and Evaluate.

We feel happy when we are winning over something, don't you? It gives us a positive feeling and powers us to do more on the next task. When we get something we want, we feel elated, which makes us more inspired. 

How much more if we are leading a successful and endearing life every day? Living a happy life enlivens us to be more productive and driven us to influence more people. 

An expert on motivational public speaking and self-development authorship, Brian Tracy, suggests some ways on how to lead a successful life. Let us ponder a few of them that we can take in our daily life.

1. Have a good work habit. Positivism, coupled with determination and honesty, results in efficient work.

2. Shorten the period to achieve success. It has been said that failure costs a lot and is time-consuming, therefore, aims for perfection at every task. It always feels good to live if we dwindle to commit mistakes and just focus on producing exceptional output.

3. Create a positive image and exemplify a good character. We are mostly judged by our looks, so we always try to demonstrate a confident aura and smile. 

12 habits of highly productive people.png

1.) They review what worked

2.) They recognize what didn't work

3.) They plan

4.) They anticipate obstacles and come up with solutions

5.) They write things down

6.) They prioritize 

7.) They do one thing at a time

8.) They set boundaries

9.) They automate and delegate

10.) They ask important questions

11.) They develop keystone habits

12.) They commit to continuous improvement

Conducting the right Group Discussion for students success.png

For the discussion to be productive, ethical questions are essential. At each and every level of discussion, the question asked shall be able to probe a more in-depth analysis of the topic. There are different types of questions that can be initiated during the discussion, such as

• Exploratory Question 

These questions are taken up in the discussion to probe the fact and basic knowledge

• Challenge Question

These question helps to interrogate the assumption considered in the concept. It also helps to derive at the conclusion.

• Relational Question 

As the name suggests, it is to find out the different relation between, themes, ideas, and issues.

• Action Question 

The questions that call for some conclusion or action are regarded as Action question

• Cause and effect question 

These are the casual question that develops cause and effect relationship of the concept

• Extension Question 

These are the occasional question asked during the discussion to unfold the concept

• Hypothetical question 

These questions can cause the change in the facts of the concept;

• Priority Question 

These are being raised to arrive at the solution on priority bases

• Summary Question 

These are the one that leads to elicit synthesis if the concept

11 habits of highly productive people.png

1.) Prioritize 

2.) Set boundaries

3.) Work smarter, not harder

4.) Get enough sleep

5.) Have a killer morning routine

6.) Break your time into increments

7.) Know when it's time to ask for help

8.) Know your peak productivity time and take advantage of it

9.) Know when to say "no"

10.) Be disciplined 

11.) Become a master at planning