Illuminating yourself is like illuminating your student’s future as they learn with you. Proper lighting is one of the qualifications to conduct an online lesson perfectly. Just like in traditional classrooms, your virtual classroom should also be bright and comfy.

A student should see your facial expression, as much as see the templates you are showing on your screen. Sometimes, creating shadow is not advisable especially when you are teaching online. For one, it distracts the attention of your student.

So, here are a few tips for you to follow in providing proper lights in your teaching area.

1. Choose LED lights versus incandescent, fluorescent or halogen lights

Aside from its popularity, LED lights are more conducive to use in online teaching because it has a softer impact on your eyes. It does not give off too much heat which means less eye strain on your part.

Secondly, its lamplight lasts longer than any other available lighting materials.

2. Choose LED lights that are suitable for your working space and for your skin type, too.

As an online teacher that requires more sitting and face to face encounters with your students, the desk lamp is more appropriate for you. If your room or working area has an installed overhead light, one desk lamp is good. Position it behind your laptop so the light is focused on your face.

I have said that teaching online is not so far from being a teacher in the actual classroom. Both need spaces. Both need a conducive environment. Both need a stress-free looking teaching area.

However, unlike in the traditional classroom, the virtual classroom can be done in a smaller space. You can actually do it anywhere inside your house. You can sit down on the sofa and teach comfortably to your adult students. You can teach in the kitchen if your lesson is about cooking. You can teach in the garage if you’re teaching something about mechanics.

The bottom line here is, wherever you choose to conduct your lesson, you must create a clutter-free working space. A clean, neat, organize teaching area motivates a teacher well to deliver his/her lesson. To do this, you must observe the following suggestions to have that conducive working space.

1. Wall

If you are teaching younger students, it is highly advisable to have a clear wall background to lessen distraction.

2. Teaching Materials

Keep them in boxes, storage file cabinet, trays, plastic containers or Ziplocs. Whatever is available in your house so there’s no need to invest money. Label them for easy access.

3. Pens and Papers

Keep your notepads, papers, and pens beside your table. Other office supplies needed for an urgent task should also be readily available at arm’s length.

Teaching online is not far from teaching in an actual classroom. You still need to prepare your materials. Traditional classroom stores realia or actual objects necessary to emphasize keywords or convey the idea of your lesson. It also keeps lots of visual aids prepared for each subject matter.

The same should be observed in the virtual classroom. If you want to become a successful online teacher, whether it is teaching for a specific course or teaching English as a Secondary Language to Kids Level, you must prepare yourself to organize your own digital shelf.

If visual aids take space in the actual classroom, the digital shelf will also take space on your computer. Hence consider the following in building your digital shelf.

1. Provide yourself with a flash memory. Either a flash drive or a memory card. Choose one that has a high storage capacity.

2. Organize your files by folder. Aside from having a neat file window, it is easier to locate files if they are saved by category.

3. Put your pictures in a PowerPoint presentation. Aside from saving some space, students can easily follow your lead if you are showing them an organized lesson.

4. Lastly, instead of downloading Youtube videos, why not copy the URL of that video you want to show to your students then paste them by category in a Notepad or MS Word. You can retrieve them later should you need it for your today’s lesson. It is one way to build a digital shelf as well as save space in your storage media.

Are you wondering how to start your video for self-introduction? To give you an idea, I list down the steps on how to create a self-made video for your self-introduction.

1. Prepare your script.

* Tell your name.

* Where you live.

* Share your teaching experience. Much as possible your online teaching experience. You don't need to mention other jobs you have in the past. Remember, this is a short introduction. If you have a certain expertise in this and that, reserve that during the initial interview or better yet show it off when you are on the platform already.

* Tell how you do your class. Are you the scholarly type? Are you the traditional type who uses board and pen? Are you the techie type?

* Tell what the students can expect from you after they have booked your lesson.

* Lastly, invite them to book you for a lesson. Encourage the potential students to book your class by showing your friendly nature in camera. Tell that you offer fun-filled, engaging and interactive classes all the time.

2. Be natural. Be yourself. Memorize your script. Don't read them during recording or else you'll appear like a robot.

3. Most parents look for a teacher with a friendly aura. So, don't forget to smile. Show your bubbly personality. Enjoy teaching.

Are you an aspiring ESL teacher? Here is a short example of self-introduction for you, especially for kids' level.

1. Provide good lighting in your workspace.

2. Dress casually so you will not scare them with your "professional" looking-attire.

3. Wear light makeup. You don't need to overdo it since your demo is intended for kids.

4. Prepare your Manycam apps, a creative app that you can embed to gender, Google Classroom, or Zoom. Download or create effects that are necessary for your short introduction. Take a slow transition for each effect.

5. Speak slowly and keep your effects going with the content of your introduction.

6. Of course, children are children. They like to see toys, so show-off your favorite toy. Parents want to see how you make use of teaching resources, so show a sample.

7. Wear something on your head. It could be a hat, flower crown, or a catchy headband. I regularly use a digital Minnie Mouse headband is available in Manycam.

I don't know why capitalism's principles
are so elusive, but they are.
I don't know why there's money on the ground
and no one to pick it up, but it does. Maybe it is because we are so engrossed in our work, but we miss the forest from the trees. For a moment, for a split second, beyond deadlines or job searching, there is a simple concept we must respect. Today we meet demand.

Demand isn't where you are, but
it's where you need to be.
Let me send you
an example of the market.
Okay, I'm
a mom.
My child's
the K-6.
I'm on lockdown
My child is
at home from school.
My kid is unable
to play with other children.
My child is depressed and socially withdrawn and
is beginning to show symptoms of anxiety and regression.
My child looks sad and comes to me for attention. My child is starting to hang up under me all day.

Do you see the demand here? The parent is looking for a connection to someone who can help her understands and empathizes with the challenges of a parent, forced overnight to “home school” my child. Before COVID-19, I could send my child off to school, and the teachers would take care of the rest.

The child is waiting on the other line. It is about time to camp in your garage or your attic or to any quiet place in your house to set up your virtual classroom., the answer to the demand of weary parents and children.

Starting a career as an ESL online teacher is not as easy as ABC. Like normal 8 to 5-day jobs, it also requires passing some qualifications for you to be able to start teaching students.

Here are six important tips to follow in starting a job in online teaching.

1. You must have access to the internet, a computer with a dual-core processor or higher version and at least 2GB of RAM.

2. Some require a headset with a noise-canceling feature. However, there are other companies who accept ordinary headset as long as you’re voice is heard clearly across the line. Some companies that cater to audio private tutoring require a headset with good voice transmission to the other line.

3. Other online teaching platforms particularly those who are offering adult private tutoring accept android phones with higher video, image, and audio resolution to start with them.

4. Scan your diploma, ESL certification such as TESOL/TEYL/CELTA and the likes plus valid ID’s because this will be asked during the registration process. You should also prepare your comprehensive resume.

5. Prepare a short video introduction of yourself. It must contain the necessary information about your teaching experience and what expertise can you offer to clients.

6. Join a group of ESL online teachers on Facebook. You can get many referrals from the members who are working in different ESL companies. This is a faster way to apply online. You can also read reviews, be updated with the current salary and other information which will help you once you are onboard.

If you think you have the following, then you are ready to go.

Due to Novel Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID 19, people were forced to stay at home to keep them safe and protect their families from the unforeseen enemy. This deadly virus created havoc on our economy. Businesses are shut down, entry for vehicles is lockdown and people were restrained to go anywhere.

Many schools are now closed because of COVID 19. Millions of children were forced to stop going to their respective schools especially after the government requested citizens to avoid social gatherings, including church activities. Social distancing measures are implemented nationwide hence people preferred to stay at home.

To support the needs of the family, experts on online teaching suggest to those who are able and have the qualifications to teach online to make their home a virtual classroom. This is the right opportunity to earn a living amidst the crisis.

Many online ESL companies are popping out like mushrooms in all social media platforms and looking for teacher support because of the influx of students who are enrolling in virtual classes. If you are a graduate of any BA or BS degree, you are good to go.

Having ESL teaching certification is a plus point to get you hired faster. If you don't have any yet, many companies offer 160 to higher hours of training. Then lookout for a few kid's stuff which is necessary if you will apply to teach kids level. If you prefer teaching adults and you have the skills to share, then you can clean up a little space in the corner of your house to make your instant virtual classroom.

Of course, all online ESL companies require teachers to be in a quiet, clutter-free environment. So, find a suitable place to set up your table and teaching materials.

Smart stuyding .png


Boost self-learning.png

Research work helps in knowing how to prepare for an exam or assignment. It will further help you to learn concepts on your own and develop self-learning skills. You can answer even the most difficult question out of your syllabus. This will further increase the self-confidence in the exams and assignments.

How to make online learning work for you.png

Here are a few tips that can make online learning work for you

Ask for help:

A lot of time you can feel that you are in trouble with a topic, at that time you can always ask for help. Contact your online tutor or lecturer if you are having any kind of difficulty while going through an assignment or a topic. By asking questions and discussing your course, it will be very easy for you to clear your doubts

Have Courage:

Courage is something that you need to have when you opt for an online course. Step outside your comfort zone and take the risk of trying something new. Once you take the first step, it is without any doubt going to build up your confidence

Persistence is the key:

If you are a bit new to online learning, you might face little difficulties and failures at the beginning. Make sure that you communicate any issues that you might be facing with your online instructor. But don’t give up. Keep learning from the little mistakes that you make. Have the patience to stick to your online course

Top 4 reasons why you should study online.png

1.) Location is not an issue anymore:

Sit in the coziness of your own place, or wherever you are. Regardless of location, you can study from anywhere around the world. For a degree from a reputed university across the world you won't have to travel

2.) Wide range of courses to choose from:

There is also an increase in the variety of offered online study programs. You can learn a new language, software development or anything that you can imagine. You might opt for Bachelor's, Master's or even a Ph.D. as well or go for a short-term certification course. The options are endless

3.) You will save money:

There are lots of online programs that are available without any charge. Many of them that do charge fees are a fraction of what you need to pay in the traditional education system. You can have a prestigious accredited degree and at much lower tuition fees

4.) You get all the support that you need:

Most of the online study courses are available in such a manner that you get good support from expert teachers from around the world. You get regular feedback and any kind of help that you may need related to the topic

3 tips for online study success.png

The following tips for online study success will make sure that you have improved academic performance

1.) Set a limit on the time

Before you start studying, try to have a rough estimate of how much time will it take to complete a particular assignment. Once you do have the idea, make sure that you complete the task in the time you thought off.

2.) Study breaks are important

As you keep going through study material, there will be times when you are tired. Stop. Don’t keep studying as your learning will be affected and you will not be able to complete your goals. Take short breaks, like go for a small walk, listen to music or take a short nap. This will refresh your mind, and you can continue with the studies with a clear mind.

3.) Don’t forget to revise

When you do revise the things that you have learned, you are going to remember it for a longer period of time. You can even create a small group that will help you to solve each other's difficulties and keeps you motivated as well. Furthermore when you have a habit to review and revise you will be able to complete your online assignments faster.

How to excel in online learning.png

Apart from dedication to routine study and discipline here are a few tips on how to study online and excel in it:

Print out study material:

Most of the time your laptop screen can work as a distraction as well, and at the time it is beneficial for you to keep your eyes away from your computer. Also if you do take out prints, you can highlight the important points and make extra notes on the side. You must try to print out the syllabus and course schedule. Sometimes it is better to have a printed copy in hand that you are able to refer throughout the length of the course.

Take notes:

You must take notes of the online lectures every time as you would go for a traditional lecture. When you sit with the computer, be ready with a pen and notebook. When you write something with hands, you are able to remember it better than the typed one. Write your title in bold letters for every paragraph of your writes. Maybe you will need these study notes later for references. Only write down those points that will give you an idea of a better understanding of the topic

How to study for an online class.png

Select a study place with good internet network:

While you are studying, you may need to refer to the online lectures or may take a few notes while studying. For this, you have to make sure that there are no disturbances due to internet connectivity.

Set the time every day:

Make sure that when you do the study for an online class, you do maintain a strict timetable to complete the online course. For this self-discipline is the key. There might be some online lectures that you need to attend. But do take out some extra time after each online class to review what you have learned. A great tip is to select the login time and day that is the same every week.

Make sure to stick around:

By this, we mean that yet difficult it might seem to stick to a schedule, but do it. Make sure that you have a dedication and strict with yourself about being with the schedule. Keep in mind that although you are not going to the person to be taught, it still costs you money. So don't take it casually as you wouldn't while taking a traditional class.

Online courses can be a very convenient way for a lot of people. Though, it needs some time management ability and firm inspiration. As it does sometimes become a challenge for a lot of people to complete the course. Here we have for you successful online learning strategies that will help you for sure.

Be motivated:

Have realistic objectives:

Include it in Routine:

Reward Yourself: