The importance of self study

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One of the best ways to absorb a piece of information in your mind is to read about it on your own with full focus.

When you have a solid game plan before starting any study session, it naturally improves your productivity. This way you can be ensured that you make each session as productive as possible and make the best out of your time.

It means that you make a timetable in order to enjoy a productive day along with getting yourself nearer to success every day. Along with social activities make sure that you prescribe a fixed number of hours to study each day.

Student success plan

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Being a successful student is not a child's play. It requires utmost devotion, a student success plan, hard work, and a passion for being successful in life. If you genuinely wish to be a successful student in High school or college, there are student success strategies that can prove to be helpful to the achievement of your goal.

1. Prioritization

2. Punctuality

3. No cheating

4. Concentrate

5. Refraining from unnecessary comparisons

6. Improvement in progression

7. Curiosity and excitement

6 student success strategies

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1.) Pay attention

Paying attention in class is one of the most crucial practices a successful student is required to do.

2.) Taking notes

It is not possible to remember every word the teacher says. So, it is essential that you jot down notes in the form of main points that summarize what the teacher is explaining.

3.) Clarifying doubts

To avoid being lost during a lecture make sure that you clarify all your doubts.

4.) Avoiding distractions

Just like during your self-study hours, keep your mobile phone away.

5.) A positive relationship with your teacher

Determines the success of an individual in high school and college is his/her relationship with the teachers and staff.

6.) Have fun

Along with studying it is essential for every student to have a carefree time where he/she can just have some fun and relax with friends.

4 Major types of essays

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Since essays have become an integral part of the various school and college assignments along with applications to prestigious universities, students cannot afford to stay ignorant about the types.

Before diving straightaway into looking for all sorts of essay help online, here are four major types of essays every student should know about. It is easy to get confused with the immense number of topics in essay books.

However, the types of essays are limited, and they are more manageable than you can actually think of! These four types mainly cover all the other subtypes, so, let us take a look.

1.) Narrative essays

2.) Descriptive essays

3.) Expository essays

4.) Persuasive essays

How to write an essay fast and well

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Write a compelling and catchy introduction. Mention an interesting fact related to your topic into the intro.

How to write the middle part of the essay?

The primary focus is on the 1st body, this paragraph need not be as catchy as the previous stages. So, here you can mention some weak points in order to elaborate on the essay further.

The first paragraph - Write the strongest points or essential facts in the first paragraph

The second paragraph - Tries to elaborate of an essay further and adds more intriguing points.

The third paragraph - Cite some exciting examples with catchy tone related to the topic in the third paragraph

How to end an essay

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Who do not understand how to conclude an essay without sounding abrupt. Even though the conclusion is supposed to be short and sweet, it is an underrated part of an essay, and most of the students seem to be ignorant of how they should end an essay.

You need to persuade the reader with your arguments and ideas put forward by you in the essay and make your readers care about your ideas.

The majority of the students fail to understand is the fact that a proper link between the introduction and the conclusion of an essay can prove to be extremely fruitful.

If you have stated an idea in the intro, you can add a line or two elaborating that point in the conclusion. Expand the theme that you introduced in the intro without making it seem like you are merely repeating a certain fact to fill up pages.

Why critical thinking is important - Infographic

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1. Critical thinking will help you to know the weaknesses and strengths. You can improve your weaknesses and boost your strengths by thinking critically and analytically.

2. You can learn numerous skills through critical thinking such as planning, communication, leadership, and analysis.

3. Critical thinking will help to find more effective solutions to even the toughest problems in life. Whether it is school, college or office, you can bravely fight against the numerous problems with the help of critical thinking.

4. Thinking critically will help to achieve the great height of success in fields such as finance, education, management, and research.

5. You can express your ideas and thoughts in a more powerful way in front of the world with critical thinking. This will improve our language skills and logical thinking.

4 ways to assess thinking skills - Infographic

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1.) Ask generic questions

Answering generic questions will obviously boost critical thinking skills. You can get accurate answers to every generic question.

2.) Team meetings

The most important benefit of group collaboration is that it creates a sense of interest and responsibility in passive employees or students.

3.) Writing tasks

An answer in a creative manner based on raw data using his/her point of view. You can assess the thinking skills of the person.

4.) Written and online tests

You can assess the thinking skills of a person through tests. These tests improve logical thinking and critical thinking, as well.

10 habits of successful students

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Establish goals and work towards it

Stick to the goals, tweaking minute changes only according to situations that arise at various points of time.


Start off with a small time block say 25 minutes. Focus and do not deviate in that time. Give a 5-minute break and then study again for the next 25 minutes again. You can increase these time blocks as you go on through your semester.


Give more of your time and attention to weak areas and you find that your exam grades will automatically move up.

Importance of a positive attitude in life

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A positive attitude brings out creativity in thinking and you will get new ideas for improving the subjects. Positivity will also help in finding better solutions to the problems. Even in a school or college project or assignment, a positive attitude will bring out better results. It will also help in keeping your mind relaxed and calm in negative situations.

Having a positive attitude will attract more people to you. You can be the leader of your group and lead people to follow a positive attitude in life. You can remove the negativities in yourself and others too. It will improve your life to a large extent. With a more positive attitude, you will get more able to solve any problem in life.

Optimism always leads to success. Positivity will give more enthusiasm to work which will result in promotions and increments. This is the reason why people with a positive attitude become successful in later life.

A positive attitude will gain more friends. It is because negativity will reduce your self-confidence and you will get discouraged. People will like staying with positive people. Positivity will spread happiness and joy all around the place.