10 habits of successful students.png

Establish goals and work towards it

Stick to the goals, tweaking minute changes only according to situations that arise at various points of time. 


Start off with a small time block say 25 minutes.  Focus and do not deviate in that time.  Give a 5-minute break and then study again for the next 25 minutes again.  You can increase these time blocks as you go on through your semester.


Give more of your time and attention to weak areas and you find that your exam grades will automatically move up. 

I) Time Management for getting Organized 

II) No Multitasking
III) Do not study at the cost of your sleep  

IV) Set a schedule

V) Take notes

VI) Ask questions

VII) Study in a group

VIII) Facing the mistakes with courage and finding the methods to correct them

IX) Do not take much help from the parents

X) They know that life is much more than school, but together with it understand how important is the school