7 habits of highly creative people.png

1.) Learn something new every day

2.) Connect the dots

3.) See the potential and make a list

4.) Don't shut the door on creativity

5.) Keep a broad perspective

6.) Say no a lot more than you think

7.) Share your "Ah-ha" moments

Day 1

Illustrate your perfect day

Day 2

Mediate for at least 15 minutes.

Day 3

Draw 30 circles and turn them into recognizable objects.

Day 4

Hold a solo dance party.

Day 5

Create a new inspiration or mood board

Day 6

Go to the hardware store with $10 and make something with the items you buy.

Day 7

Set a timer for 5 minutes and write whatever you want. 

1. Listen to music

2. Spend time with children

3. People watch

4. Read a book

5. Take a walk

6. Keep a journal

7. Exercise 

8. Travel

9. Take a break

10. Take a shower

11. Talk to a friend

12. Turn the TV off

13. Spend time in a garden

14. Change your perspective

15. Wander around a library

16. Ask why?

17. Get some sleep

18. Clean a corner of your home

19. Be open-minded

20. Make a drawing

21. Go on a local adventure