10 best ways to improve your memory

10 best ways to improve your memory


Memory is when you have some information stored in your brain and you retrieve that piece of information for later use as and when required. Memory is, therefore, your mental ability in recalling events, facts, impressions from previous experiences.

The four main forms of memory are -

The sensory memory,

Short-term memory,

Working memory,

long-term memory

The three main stages of memory are encoding storage and retrieval.

At the very outset and to put it in simple words, memory is when you use your past experiences to mold and influence your present behavior or current situation.

You may, just like most others have the tendency to forget things with the lapse of time, or when you get busy with your life. Understand that it is part of life. However, poor memory or memory loss can be quite frustrating and very disgusting.

Having said all that, luckily, there are plenty of ways in which you can improve your memory. And by utilizing some sort of reminders or alarms or preparing a to-do list can ensure that you don’t forget the important tasks that you ought to complete.

All these will certainly take a considerable amount of time and energy to involve dramatically changing your routine, you can still give it a try to turn results to your favor. Firstly, get rid of distractions and focus on the challenge. Avoid over-night turnover. Because it is not going to work. Keep your work organized, prioritized, well-planned, and well-structured. Then elaborate and begin working.

If you still fail to drive home your thoughts, then listed below are a couple of ways in which you can improve your memory and succeed in life.

  1. Memorize what you already know. Exercise your brain with fun-filled and memory-boosting games. Undergo memory workshops to strengthen memory. Concentrate on problem-solving workouts and games that challenge your brain. Rehearse multiple times till you gain confidence in your utmost self.
  1. Have sufficient sleep. Sleep is when you allow your mind to get into relaxation mode. Sleep plays a vital role in the performance of your memory. Even if you take a short nap, you can still improve your memory recalling capacity. Interestingly, taking power naps actually helps your brain to solidify memories.
  1. Do sufficient physical workout as well, to keep your body healthy. A healthy body boosts up into a healthy brain. Doing so will improve your overall performance, including memory.

  1. Have your favorite foods, but do remember to maintain a balanced diet as well. If you eat good food, your mind will be more efficient and productive. This, however, doesn’t mean that you keep eating all the time and turn yourself obese. Do mind your body weight.
  1. Consume a lot of fish oil or any other omega-3 supplements. They improve your overall health, reduce the risk of heart arrests, relieves stress and anxiety, and also enhances memory. You can also add berries and carbohydrates to your diet for strengthening your memory.
  1. Apart from exercising your body and brain, also set time for yoga and meditation. They give you a soothing and relaxed feeling, busting out your worries, anger, and stress. With a calm state of mind, your memory works far better and you will act mindfully. That is because, during meditation, your brain stops processing activities depending on how dedicated and focused you are during your meditation.
  1. Cut down on your sugar intake. If you happen to consume too much sugar, it not only results in health issues and chronic disorders but also reduces the brain volume resulting in poor and short-term memory.

  1. Maintain healthy relationships with family and friends. You are a social animal, in the sense that you cannot live in isolation. So, get into robust and meaningful relationships and keep your emotional health and brain health up and running.
  1. Spend time for fun and miles of smiles in life. Spend time for laughing and with playful people. Because laughter is the best therapy when it comes to accessing multiple regions of the brain, rather than any other emotion that accesses only limited regions of the brain.
  1. Despite practicing so many ways in which you can boost your memory, if you still feel restless and disturbed in this aspect, then better to approach a professional. Nothing wrong in it. If you have to repair yourself, you should obviously drive yourself and approach your technician who can fix the bug for you.

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