Best Entry Level Jobs Without A Degree

Best Entry Level Jobs Without A Degree


All the life we hear about studying well and completing education to get amazing jobs with handsome salaries in hand. People always advise us to complete graduation and postgraduate courses so as to secure our lives to get entry-level jobs.

However, in today's times, the scenario has changed. You don't really need to have a degree to earn well. There are a lot of unconventional career choices that are available for freshers. These career choices do not need any experience or degree, to begin with. Let's have a look at some starter jobs that you can opt for without a degree.

1. Travel Consultant

Travel Consultants are the people who arrange and coordinate travel for either groups or individuals. If you have great management skills or any kind of expertise in the field, you can work for a travel company. Besides, you could also start a travel company yourself.

The main thing here is it you need to have a good network of contacts so as to successfully run your business. Additionally, you need to have excellent negotiation skills to get more clients. Once a travel company has been established, the pay is very high if you get regular clients.

2. Stock Market Professionals

Since there are market risks associated with this kind of job, the minimum age wherein you can start the Stock Market is 21. Individuals who are interested in the Stock Market business need to register with the Security and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

Interested individuals must have a clear knowledge of capital markets and investments so that they can buy and sell stocks for their prospective clients. This field has a very high scope of earning in the form of bonuses.

3. Professional Youtuber

This entry-level job has great growth to it. YouTube is a new sensation all over the world. You do not need any kind of education or qualification to start a Youtube channel. YouTube is a free video-sharing platform that offers every individual a chance to showcase their talents. Their talents can be witnessed by people all over the world.

Now, there are a lot of people who take up YouTube as a full-time job and earn quite well. If you are interested in the same, you can also start a YouTube channel and use it to either entertain or educate people.

4. Wedding Planner

If you think you have the right skills to set up a wedding and make it memorable for both the bride and groom, then this is the job you should take up. Weddings are a never-ending business. Wedding planners usually work in groups and assist each other.

Additionally, they also supervise work that is related to the decoration, transportation, and dining. All this needs to be done within the budget set by the client. Wedding planners need to have the skills to multi-task and also should have a good network among people. This will be beneficial for the business. This profession also has a good pay range from about 1-2 lakhs per wedding.

5. Personal Trainer

With each passing day, people are getting health conscious as ever. Hence, the demand for personal trainers is also on the rise. If you are interested in the field, you can join a short course right after you complete school.

The course teaches you the basics and the following procedures that you would need for the process. Once you are done completing the course, you can be certified to become personal trained. The job requires good communication skills and patience to help your clients achieve their desired results. Meanwhile, as you gain experience and your level of expertise increases, you can earn up to $2000 per month.

6. Purchasing Agent

A purchasing agent is a person that deals with importing and exporting goods to and from the country. If you are interested in this field of work, then you will first require a certificate for the same. The work actually involves verifying, preparing, and forwarding orders.

Additionally, it also involves verifying the receipt of items and authorizing the payment. The payment that you receive is quite decent, which also depends on the division that you are in.

7. Professional Dog Walker

If you have an undying love for animals, this can be a great way to earn while you indulge in your passion. Due to hectic and crazy work schedules, people can't find time for their pets.

Hence, they look out for professional pet walkers or pet sitters who will look after their dogs and take care of them while their owners are away. Once you know the temperament of each dog, it will be easy for you to get along with them. You can earn quite a decent amount of money by doing this work.

8. Ethical Hacker

Ethical hacking is a great field to work in if you love computing and cracking codes. There are multiple certification courses for Ethical Hacking that you can pursue. The best part about this profession is that you can earn quite a handsome amount every amount, which is close to $1500.

Additionally, you can directly do an Ethical Hacking certification course right after your 10th standard. With time, once you gain experience, you can also earn higher amounts. If you have been on the lookout for entry-level jobs with growth, then this profession is definitely something you should try out.

9. Delivery Driver

This is another entry-level job that you can try. Once you reach the permittable age to drive, you can try working as a delivery driver. There is a lot of demand for such drivers due to the ever-rising trend of online shopping. Additionally, now people also order food online. This is why drivers are one of the most in-demand jobs. If you ever wish to start up, you could try this field.

These are some of the entry-level good starter jobs that you can try to ace without any degree. All of these professions have a decent salary package. Also, as your experience increases, you can aim for the higher.

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