How to Believe in Yourself? – Take Your First Step towards Creating your Magnificent Life

How to Believe in Yourself? – Take Your First Step towards Creating your Magnificent Life


Believing in yourself is the first step towards achieving anything in life. No matter how difficult a task might seem, if you believe it’s possible, you will be able to finish it. Believing in ourselves gives us the strength to go ahead and turn our goals into actions and achieve the impossible!

We know self-confidence and self-belief are important ingredients for success and for leading a happier life. Most of us find it difficult to believe in ourselves during difficult times. We tend to lose our confidence and feel lost and scared after facing a setback in life. We feel unsure of how to start believing in ourselves again.

What do we mean by Belief System?

We develop our belief system based on our upbringing, environment, teachings, religion, and life experiences. It is crucial to develop a positive belief system from childhood. Our belief system makes us who we are and shows us direction in life. It helps us to pursue things with courage and move forward.

They are the principle values that we derive from our family or from the kind of books we read or the people we follow. They can be philosophical, religious, or spiritual. Our belief system helps us get along with people with similar belief systems.

The actions or decisions we take in life are a result of our belief system. Our belief system can change based on external or internal influences.

What is the difference between Belief and Trust?

Belief means an acceptance of a particular idea, notion, sentence, or believing in the existence of something even if it does not exist.

Trust is a feeling or a perception about someone or something.

Belief doesn’t require logic. Trust on the other hand, depends on logic. For example, We believe in God or in the power of the Universe even if we haven’t ever seen them. On the other hand, we trust a person and have a particular perception about someone based on their past actions and behaviors.

Why do we find it Difficult to Believe in Ourselves?

One of the main reasons why we find it difficult to believe in ourselves is the lack of awareness about our strengths and weaknesses. We spend a major part of our lives without reflecting or giving much thought to understanding who we really are and what we are capable of.

There is a purpose that we are born with, and we need to identify it. When we are insecure about our abilities, we start having negative self-talks with ourselves, which drain our energy and make us in confident.

Nobody is born a genius. But we can always work on our strengths and skills to develop self-belief.

Why is it important to Believe in Ourselves?

Miracles happen when we start believing in ourselves. Believe in yourself the most when the whole world stops believing in you because that is when you need yourself the most!

Strengthening your belief system will help you get out of your self-limiting beliefs, fears, and inhibitions. It will give you a direction in life and the energy to pursue your dreams. It will give you a purpose to wake up every morning!

You will be able to believe in others only when you learn how to believe in yourself! You don't need to achieve enormous success before you can start believing in yourself.

You can start believing in yourself even when you have just begun your pursuit of success. It is easier to be confident and love yourself when you’re already established in life. What matters is whether you believe in yourself even when you have nothing!

The Gita and the Bible’s take on Faith & Belief

The Bhagwat Gita says, “Man is made of faith: as his faith is, so he is.” This is such a powerful statement which means we are a product of what we believe in. If we believe in the power of the universe, we will have unwavering faith that it will deliver the best things into our lives.

If we believe in serving our country, we will do more charity to help the underprivileged section of our society and so forth. Our belief determines our actions and perceptions.

The Gita talks about the importance of increasing our faith in God during good and even bad times. That is the real test of faith! We must trust our almighty even during tough times in life as he knows best what is right for us.

Every situation we come across in life, whether good or bad, is served to us by God, ultimately for our highest good. So, we must trust God even if he gives us difficult periods in life. They come to us for a reason.

In every difficulty lies a blessing. We must keep our eyes open and feel grateful for it. Don’t hate God if you had an accident; thank him rather that he saved you.

There’s a beautiful verse from the Bible about faith and belief that I’d love to share – “If God tells you to do something, he doesn’t expect you to do it on your own. If he doesn’t make a way, his purpose will not be accomplished. So, trust God or trust whatever power you like to believe in. Trust that it will take you to where you want to be and to where you’re meant to go. Give your best and forget about the rest.

How to Start Believing in Ourselves?

Every successful person was once a beginner too. For example, Jack Ma, founder of, was rejected by Harvard University ten times. JK Rowling’s pitch for Harry Potter was rejected twelve times before it was finally published by Bloomsbury and became a huge success!

Failures and setbacks can be soul-crushing. It can make us feel incapable and terrible. But our belief should be strongest during difficult times so that we can fight back and turn our failures into success. Trust me when I say that your self-belief has the power to take you to heights you can’t even imagine!

Here are 9 incredible ways to start believing in yourself:

1. Be Willing to Be Odd

Oftentimes I hear people complaining that they’re not good enough or they’re not as good as someone else. Please stop bashing yourself and accept yourself the way you are. Do not be ashamed of your uniqueness but embrace your difference and be willing to be the odd one out.

It is said that you have to be odd to be Number 1. So, if you feel you don’t fit in, be proud of it. You’ve got something in you that others don’t. Capitalize on it! If you accept yourself the way you are, the world is going to love you.

Prateek Kuhad, the popular Indian singer, is a world-renowned musician today. He’s got an unusual voice, very different from the conventional, but the world loves him and his music today because he believes in himself and embraces his uniqueness. So, the first step towards self-belief is accepting yourself. You are just perfect the way you are!

2. Focus on your Strengths

There’s no point working on something that you do not enjoy or are not good at. Identify your strengths and work on them. When you start doing things that you love to do, you’ll excel in them. This will strengthen your belief system and will give you the confidence to upgrade your skills further.

Make yourself capable and indispensable by strengthening your skills rather than worrying about your weaknesses. When you know that you’re good at something and you’re appreciated for it, you will start believing in your abilities.

3. Visualization

Spend at least 10 minutes a day to visualize your ideal self. Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and see yourself as a confident, unique being. Try to visualize yourself as successful and at peace.

Get into as much detail as possible and feel it in your heart. When you start visualizing the best outcomes, you will be less doubtful and more confident about your future.

4. Positive Self Talk

Words have the power to change the way you feel about yourself. We must be aware of our inner dialogue. Whenever you get a negative thought, replace it with a positive one and remember to use big, beautiful words like amazing, fabulous, incredible, etc. It will energize you and make you feel more confident.

5. Act As If

If you want to be a successful person, act like one. Wake up early and start to act, and feel like you’re already there! Imagine how would you behave, talk, walk and work when you’re your ideal self and do just that!

This will rewire your subconscious mind to feel like you’re already that person. It’ll make it easier for you to reach your goals and become the person of your dreams!

6. Read Success Stories

Read stories about inspiring world leaders and influencers. Study their life and seek inspiration from them. Every successful person on earth was once a beginner too!

Nobody is born with success. We have to acquire it. You become what you feed your mind regularly. Make sure to consume the best content available on the web and refrain from watching or reading negative news or articles.

7. Take Actionable Goals

We should be as specific as we can while setting goals in life. The clearer you are about your goals, the better you will be at achieving them!

For example, if you wish to attain financial freedom, instead of saying, “I want to be financially independent,” say, “I want to be able to earn $10,000 a month one year from now.” When you tie your goals to numbers and a time frame, you’re exactly sure of where you’re heading to. This will help you to schedule your daily routine more effectively.

8. Be Consistent in Your Endeavours

We get easily demotivated to move ahead in life if we feel that we are not progressing. Explore diverse areas, take risks, and take a lot of time to finalize the things that you want to do in life, but once you do, make sure to be consistent with whatever you are doing.

It doesn’t matter how many hours you devote to your work daily. What matters is whether you’re consistent with it or not. When you’re consistent, you will start seeing progress. This will motivate you to move forward and achieve your targets. When you do so, your self-belief will be stronger than before.

9. Discipline

It is said that discipline is the biggest form of self-care. If you really love yourself, you will never cheat yourself and will always follow your daily routine with sincerity.

If we don’t respect our own targets, we start questioning our beliefs and abilities. We should not let that happen. If we’re disciplined and if we do what we’re supposed to do, we will never feel guilty at the end of the day and will be able to sleep with satisfaction and wake up with determination!

How to Stop Doubting Ourselves?

Make a list of all the good things about you –

Self Doubt leads us to question our very existence. Often times we fail to see the good in us. Hence, the first step towards eliminating self-doubt is to start being aware of all the good qualities in yourself.

Brainstorm for some time and make a list of all the good things about yourself that you can think of. It can be anything ranging from your smile, your kindness, your ability to work hard, your resilience, patience, etc.

Never compare yourself with Others –

Albert Einstein once said – ‘If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’ll spend its whole life thinking that it’s stupid. Every individual on this planet is blessed with unique things.

Instead of wanting to be like someone else, if you accept and love yourself unconditionally the way you are, if you do things that you love and if you do them diligently, one day you will excel in life, and there will be people who will want to become like you!

Always be true to yourself and believe in yourself. You are wonderful!

Ask yourself ‘Why?’ –

Once you get to the root cause of why you doubt yourself, you can start working on it. You can never have a solution if you don’t know where the problem lies. So, spend some time with yourself, journalize your thoughts and identify your fears. Then take immediate action to face them.

For example, if you fear public speaking, start doing it! If you feel you’re weak in math, set aside some time every day to work on it. When you get better and better at things you fear the most, you will gain an amazing sense of freedom from your own limiting beliefs and feel more confident!

What happens when we start believing in ourselves?

Our life starts to change when we start believing in ourselves! Here are the following things that happen to us when we start believing in ourselves:

Greater Self Confidence:

When we believe in ourselves and accept ourselves for who we really are, immense confidence develops within us. It happens because we start loving the unique being that we are and are no more scared or shy to be our real selves in front of the world!

Zeal and energy to try new things in life:

When we believe in our abilities, we feel energetic to take up new challenges in life or learn new skills. It keeps our spirits high.

Ability to inspire others:

When we have a strong belief system, we give out positive vibes, thereby inspiring everybody around us to do better in our lives.

Ability to live in the moment:

We can enjoy the little things in life like the sunset or the rains or admiring children playing in the park because we are no more stressed about our lives or worried about the future.

Achieve more in less time:

It becomes easier for us to achieve our goals if we believe in ourselves. We’re able to move forward with a positive mind, more discipline, and courage.

Good health:

Negativity or self-doubt takes a toll on our mental health and, in turn, spoils our health in the long run. Thus, greater self-belief keeps us mentally and physically fit, thus promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Final Thoughts:

Believing in the unseen has led to the biggest inventions of all times! Every invention started with the belief that it’s possible! No matter where you are, no matter what your current circumstances are, the power of belief will change your life. Believe in the magic of the Universe and trust that it’ll bring the best into your life! Have faith, never doubt yourself, and always expect the best. If you can believe it, you can achieve it!

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