Become a tutor - A Journey to be a Private Tutor

Become a tutor - A Journey to be a Private Tutor


There is a high demand for good tutors in the modern-day highly competitive world. This is true, especially for high school and even college-level students. So, all teachers, would-be teachers, and even retired teachers can consider a new career in this field.

Presently everything is online, and you can exploit the opportunities offered by the Tutoring sites flourishing on the World Wide Web.

Why Become a Tutor

According to Aristotle, “Those who know, do. Those that Understand teach.” It is thus proved that teaching is the noblest profession even when you compare it to Doctors, Engineers, Managers, and other professionals.

Why Become a tutor? The answer is simple. If you want to teach but are on the lookout for flexible options like time and distance, this could be a golden opportunity that you always wanted...

Your work as a tutor can be fillip in your resume as well. You can teach various subjects or teach different age groups, which means that your skill set bullets in your CV increase in number and carry more weight for career opportunities in the future.

Top 5 Reasons to Become a Tutor

Of course, there are other reasons why you can choose to become a Tutor or search for a Home Tuition Job.

Personal Satisfaction

You will have the satisfaction of making students realize their potential. Every student has the potential to succeed. He/she is unable to unlock this by him/herself while studying at school. You can be instrumental in guiding your students on the right path after school hours.

Earn additional Income

One can earn more with teaching jobs from home as a Tutor. You can just connect to the various tutoring websites; fix your price and time. The student who finds your offer best for his requirement will seek your service. You can provide this service from the comfort of your house. This can be an additional income even if you work full time, as timings are usually flexible.

Enhancement of personal knowledge

There are many discoveries and inventions that are being made around the world every day. Since you must have been a student some years ago, you can update yourself with the latest advancements in the subject you are teaching right now.

Job security:

Job security is scarce these days, with layoffs even in big multinationals. There is no guarantee that you will retain the job you are presently in. But, if you are Home Tutor or work as a tutor online, there will always be a stream of opportunities coming your way as more and more students turn towards tutoring Services for improving their grades.

Holiday tutoring:

Educational Institutes all around the world close during the summers and even provide a small respite during winters. This could be the much-needed break that you are looking for. Tutors can enjoy their Holiday while Individuals in other careers sweat out 24* 7 to pursue goals that pay financially but do not provide the personal satisfaction that Online Tutoring Jobs from homes give.

How to Become a successful tutor

The above points can motivate even hesitant but able teachers. One might feel that expertise in a subject can make them good teachers. Reality is different but not complicated, with so many online tutoring sites at your disposal.

Teaching High school and college a student is a different ball game altogether. Some may be exceptionally talented but disregard your teaching. Some may react due to hormonal changes. Some students may not even know the basics. An excellent tutor should keep various things in mind to sustain and become a much sought-after tutor with perseverance.

To become successful as an Online Tutor or Home tuition teacher, you can just go through these tips provided:

i) Choose the subject which you are comfortable with

While you may be an expert in various subjects, it is best to take up a subject which you are comfortable in. If your specialization is in Math, but you are good at chemistry or physics, choose one and concentrate on that subject to avoid unnecessary hassles in the future.

ii) Assess the student’s potential

When a student chooses you as a tutor, it is best to first analyze their strengths and weaknesses. Evaluate what they already know and start from there. Some tutors assume that their students have strong basic knowledge, but it is not so always.

Your evaluation, either through tests, discussions, or Tutoring Service Messages, will show where the students stand. Adopt a teaching style based on the student’s skills and weaknesses.

Identify the problem areas for the students and then develop their pedagogy. The best tutors always start from the basics. Later you can collate with all the school lessons so that he can pick up with the rest of his class.

iii) Create an atmosphere of trust and comfort

Create a comfortable and conducive environment for your student. Always listen to your students about their ambitions, anxieties, etc., for the first few minutes before starting class. This establishes a comfortable equation between you and your student. This can be achieved even through Online Teaching Jobs from home.

You can also find out what is going on in their school or college, so you can take your classes in tandem. Once you gain the trust of the student, it will be easier for you to teach and for him/her to learn. This way, your efforts will not get wasted.

iv) Prepare lesson plans

Prepare lesson plans for every session with the student. If you start with the basics, quickly run through them, and evaluate his grasp of the elementary topics. Next, you can teach what is being taught in school so that the students can do their current school homework and projects more efficiently—some tips to plan your sessions.

• You could tell your students beforehand what you are planning for a session.

• Plan sessions after revising what they learned in the previous session.

• It would be an excellent plan to give 2 to 3 small breaks during your session.

• Make different teaching plans for different students.

Impromptu sessions can also work, but only in the short run. It is best to plan in advance so that you can cover a wide range of activities like video sessions, online events, and outdoor activities, etc.

v) Set Goals and measure progress

Set short-term and long-term goals to assess the progress of your students. Remember some points while setting goals:

a) Goals should be positive

b) Students should not be overwhelmed with many goals. Help them prioritize

c) Time-limited achievable goals go a long way in achieving more in a short period of time.

d) Goals set should be precise and accurate to avoid confusion

e) These goals should be measurable

f) Measure progress using charts and see if there is an improvement in test grades, class performance, and achievement of goals.

g) Students can themselves set personal goals which you can help to achieve.

vi) Form a Golden Education triangle with Students and their parents

You might wonder what the need is to involve Parents of High school and college-going Students? Is it not the kindergarten and primary school student’s parents who should be more involved?

The answer to this question is that even the parents of students at higher levels should take note of their ward’s academic pursuits. At every stage of education, students need motivation and encouragement. Especially at High school and college levels, due to peer pressure, social changes, and hormonal growth, there are chances that students can be de-motivated. So, Teachers can join with parents to achieve this goal.

Tutors can involve parents by communicating students’ progress regularly. They can also highlight strengths and weaknesses without negative tones so that students can do better in the future.

7 ways to be a Private Tutor

Most students seek tutors to finish their homework or to improve grades. Good Private tutors are hard to find. If you think you have it in you to become one, you can use the various opportunities to provide services to millions of students worldwide, requiring them.

1. Graduate from High School

Getting a High School Graduation Diploma or equivalency is an essential requirement to become a tutor. You can also add tutoring certifications. You can be an NTA (National Tutoring Association) Certified tutor, which adds value to your CV. This helps you in getting more opportunities. Your income will also be more as compared to tutors without this certification.

2. Decide which grade or age you want to teach

Contemplate your own skillset and decide which age group or class you wish to tutor. This is the first step towards productive and successful tutoring.

If you take up more than you can handle, you may not be able to do real justice to your job. You will also miss various opportunities if your current task is not completed correctly.

Sometimes, word of mouth, especially from your ex-students, can improve your popularity as well as your bank balance, so decide this before taking the next step.

3. Choose the subjects you want to teach

After deciding the age and grade group, decide on the subjects you wish to tutor. It goes without saying that you should have a minimum qualification in the subject you choose. You should also possess advanced degrees to teach subjects, especially technical ones.

Regular teachers have a basic idea of the current curriculum as they are always teaching. Since private tutors may not have an apparent inkling of this, it is better to talk to some teachers to get updates on the current curriculum, methods of teaching, and even the Psychology of students.

4. Choose the mode of Tutoring

In the olden days, private tutors had to visit the homes of their students to conduct classes. This is an option you could choose.

Nowadays, you can also take up an Online Teaching job from the comfort of your home. Teaching jobs from home are time-flexible. You can teach a student at whatever time, day or night, which is perfect for both of you.

You can also teach students outside your geographic area through Online Tuitions. These forums bring together students from far off places across the globe through common platforms at a price. More teaching aids in the form of websites, videos, and audio can be used in modern times.

The third option is to take classes at home. See if you have the facilities to accommodate students at a particular time in the day, to be able to choose this option.

5. Advertise

Post advertisements in either regular mode like the print media to say that you are available for tutoring. Seek places where parents visit regularly and post your ads. This could be local schools, libraries, parks, and areas which school or college going students frequent.

You can also place your online tuition advertisements on Social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Bing, or Twitter to achieve maximum views. This way, you can even attract even international students to your Private teacher services.

You can also give free demo classes so that new students can understand your teaching style.

6. Register with a Tutoring Institute online or offline

Take up Online Tutoring. Joining Tutoring Institutes like Queryfloor is a great idea. There are many advantages if you choose this option.

• You can register and upload your skillsets for free

• Your mere presence on such a reputable site reflects on your capabilities

• You need not worry about advertising at all as parents searching online can come across your profiles easily.

• As your skill sets and experiences are highlighted, you have higher chances of getting more students

7. Ask for Referrals

You can ask your ex-students or tutoring clients for referrals. Word of mouth is a potent advertisement tool. A satisfied customer can get you more business than numerous flashy advertisements. Just ask your old students to recommend newer ones or talk about your services with as many parents or students as possible.

Become a Tutor Process with Query Floor

Query Floor is a trendy online Tutorial platform bringing together Students and the best teaching talent available worldwide. It is an exclusive platform wherein we have ironed out all the difficulties that arise and bring the best tutors and needy students together. While students can get the attention of specific tutors or Institutes, tutors themselves can find students willing to pay the price that works in their favor.

If you are looking for online tutorial opportunities to monetize your teaching skills, just follow the following steps at our site:

1. Sign up and register as a tutor at our website.

2. Create a Profile with details of your area of expertise, experience, and other information as required in the format

3. In the next step, make cards detailing your skills and the area in which you want to teach. You can also mention the rates that you charge per hour

4. Next, you will start getting enquires based on your cards. You can finalize a project through private and public messages service provided by Query floor.

Join us, and we assure you of personal and financial satisfaction during your association with us.

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