How to become a Dependable Employee?

How to become a Dependable Employee?


Dependability is the most important work ethic that one should possess. The dependability of an employee starts with a simple act of coming to work on time to that of his entire accomplishments. Dependability covers everything. It makes you a formidable asset to your company. It improves co-worker relationships. Most of all, by being a reliable and dependable employee, you become this complete professional that companies are always on the look-out for.

Let's discuss in detail about dependability in the workplace, its importance, and how you can become this dependable employee that the company prefers.

Dependability in your Workplace:

A Successful company is directly proportional to its employees who are dependable, reliable, trustworthy, and skilled. Being a 'Dependable employee' is a quality-mark for a company or employers to see how "value-addition" you are to them and to everything they stand for. Reliable and Dependable are more or less the same, but they do have slight differences.

Dependability in your workplace can be condensed as:

1. Being on time to work.

2. Being Co-Operative.

3. Good at commitments and fulfillment.

4. Being Loyal to the company and her interests.

Following a good work schedule throughout the year with no inconsistencies.

1.Good Team Dynamics. Being a good team player.

2. Good at problem-solving.

3. Dependable & Reliable employees will do what they say. Say what they can do.

4. They help others without benefits.

5. People look towards them for solutions, planning, and decision-making.

6. They know their limits very well.

7. Can count on them to get things done on time.

8. No need to double-check their performance, efforts, results, or anything concerning maintaining good workplace values. They are always good at everything.

9. Learning and Improvisations from mistakes.

10. The dependable employee will be the preferred top choice by the company's clients. Client testimonials will show for themselves.

11. They go a meter high in making sure that everything's well and good in terms of meetings, deadlines, completions, clients, co-workers, etc.

12. Good Response from them anytime, anywhere, and in any situation.

13. Optimistic.

14. Trustworthiness.

15. Being humble.

16. No constant complaining. They change or make things change in a subtle positive way if they could.

17. Takes accountability for their behavior and mistakes.

18. Workplace respect from peers.

The above points are the important characteristics of a dependable employee and, without a doubt, make them the complete professional and a good-will individual that everybody looks up to.

The Importance of Dependability & Reliability in an Employee:

Dependability and reliability apply in our daily lives too. For instance, we pick airlines that are reliable in terms of "arriving & departing on time," and with reasonable ticket rates. Another example is, we buy our daily-life needs from brands that are dependable for quality, quantity, and good customer-rapports. In the same way, a reliable investment company gives benefits and returns on time, as promised.

Dependable restaurants will never drop customers who rely on their excellent food and good services. We rely on our trusted friends. We have the trust that our family will be there for us when we fall.

These are some of our daily activities that underline the importance of being dependable and reliable. The same goes for an employee, too, in the workplace. Companies and employers are looking for this quality in individuals; they can rely on them in good times as well as bad times.

The importance of dependability in the workplace can be laid down in 5 essential points as:

1.You Gain Trust:

It's not easy, especially in the workplace. When people see how dependable you are, they automatically pin their trust on you. They can count on you. They will look up to you for solutions, discussions, decisions, and even problems in the idea of getting a good solution. Exchanging professional and personal views will be easy because your colleagues knew that they could depend on you. Company-Employee trust is a bond that can be sealed with reliability and dependability.

2. Job-Security:

As a reliable employee, the company knows how valuable you are to them. You will remain shielded from lay-offs, salary-cuts, and other crises because companies will not want to lose a dependable workforce like you. It will affect their productivity. Hence, Dependable and most reliable employees get to stay while others have a good chance of getting laid-off.

3. Good Rapport with Co-Workers:

With good relationships and support from the workplace, you can achieve your goals easily. When your co-workers see you as their dependable colleague, good relationships grow. People will have no trouble having you on their team. They will support you in all the ways they could.

They can understand your point-of-view and most importantly, they will not hesitate to follow you. People will not have trouble with you supervising them. Co-workers will feel easy to co-ordinate with you in projects.

4. You become an asset:

Once your employer, company, or team realizes how dependable you are to them, you become their valuable asset. People will not let you go. They need your input in every discussion, decision-making, and problem-solving scenario.

Dependable employees usually will not need any supervision, and even if so, they don't mind. The reason is, a dependable employee will not have problems in dealing with authority-chains. Because of this, your seniors and boss will be happy to take things with the help of you.

They only look for the solution and not cause any trouble. People can count on you. It's a formidable personality in an individual. You will not have hesitations in expressing your genuine opinion in a good way. Companies look for such quality. If people can count on you, it means they give their full trust and confidence in you to do a job. By taking into account all the above, you become an asset to them.

5. Self-Confidence:

By becoming a dependable, reliable person, you bring a sense of poise, confidence, optimism, and respect in yourself. You will start to value things that are not only good for you but also for the people around you. Responsibilities become easy for you. The more dependable you are, the more responsibilities you get, which in turn adds value to you.

Increased responsibility to you means people trust your way of work, your approaches, instincts, and ideas. All, in turn, leads to increased self-confidence and self-respect. You will start to treat others with even more optimism, respect, and good-will. With that note, let's see how you can become a dependable employee in your workplace.

20 Ways to Become the Most Dependable and Reliable Employee in the Workplace:

1. Be Loyal –

If you are joining new, stay for some time. Don't quit. Be loyal to the company that gave you a chance by hiring you fresh with no experience. We understand the financial concerns and the obvious choice would be the company that offers high pay. But, for now, until you get hold of the industry and for the sake of experience, stay in the company. It shows your reliability.

2. Be on Time –

If you have a meeting, be on time. Have a Presentation? Be on Time. Your work starts so early? Be on time. The point is, You Have a job, then be on time.

3. Good Response is a Must -

Respond to concerns as soon as possible. At the least, respond within the timeline of 48Hrs to the max. If you say you will call them by 10 AM, call them by that time. If you have any complaints, queries, or any client issues, respond to them immediately or within 24Hrs. Couldn't attend the call, then have the courtesy to send them a text. Whatever the situation is, always respond ASAP.

4. Respect Others Time –

If you have an appointment with anyone in your workplace or outside, be there on time. The time-value is the same for all. If people are waiting to hear from you, respect their time and attend to the issue immediately. They are spending their time for you, so respect that. When it is your client, then you should be extra conscious in respecting their time as we are dependent on them.

5. Don't Waste Others Time -

If people are making you wait, don't repeat the same mistake. If you want to be a dependable employee, then don't make people wait. Unless it is any unanticipated circumstances, don't make people wait for you. If you are getting late, inform them prior. Don't waste other's time in any way.

6. Improvise Daily –

Dependability doesn't come in a day. Improvise daily. Be better than the person you were yesterday in your workplace. You will know what you can do and what is out of your hands. So, improvise wherever you can.

7. Stick to your Word –

It shows your reliability in many ways. If you say, you can then do it. No excuses. Hold on a second and think before you give your word. If you do so, stick to it no matter what.

8. Mistakes are Common –

But, be mindful of correcting your mistakes when needed. Mistakes are common, but when it crosses a line, it shows an irresponsible attitude of yours. It's not good. Dependable employees will not make such mistakes. Even if mistakes happen, they accept them, and they correct them on time.

9. Manage your Commitments –

What more credibility you need more than being true to your commitments. Even if it's a small one, do it with utmost sincerity as much you make big commitments.

10. Do your Best –

Give your best every day. Perform your ability, and the result will always be a good one. Make your company/boss see your sincere efforts by doing well to your ability every day. Consistent performance is the key here for becoming a reliable employee.

11. Take care of your Timelines –

Timelines are very important. If you have a deadline, finish it. Give your hundred percent in finishing and fine-tuning your work before the deadline. Unpredictable circumstances do come, but make sure you cope with that too.

If you know you cannot meet the deadline, have the sincerity in explaining the situations in detail. If it's genuine, it is good. But otherwise, crossing deadlines and giving excuses is not good. Meeting deadlines and other timeline factors make you a very reliable employee.

12. Communicate Well –

Maintain good communication with your co-workers. Be crisp and clear in conveying things. Be polite in asking what you need. Be optimistic and supportive of your conversations with colleagues. Convey your situations clearly and subtly during difficult workplace scenarios. If you couldn't make it, then convey it to the concerned person immediately. Let them know. Good communication is the key.

13. Be Genuine –

It's a very important quality you see in a reliable employee. They are always genuine in what they do and what they do. At the same time, they do it in such a way that nobody feels hurt or demeaned.

14. Compromise carefully –

Don't compromise your values, ethics, and good-will. Be careful about what you compromise. See if it is worth it or is it something you are doing to please the boss. Don't compromise your team's ideas and efforts. Don't compromise the good values you and your team stand for.

15. Support Others –

Be supportive of your colleagues and your team. Spend positive, happy fun times with them. Help them without an invitation asking for help. If they have too much on their plate, take some things away. It will be of great help when you share the responsibilities of your co-worker, even if it is not yours. Helping is a basic attribute of a dependable employee. They won't hesitate to help anyone.

16. Excellent team-Players –

Part of being a dependable employee is that the team-dynamics come naturally to them. They will be happy to welcome new people as well as have a good rapport with existing team members. Team playing brings good co-ordination and collaborative skill. Being a go-to person in a team makes things easy for you to proceed further without complications on a positive note.

17. Be willing to move out of your comfort zone –

It can open the door to possibilities. Moving out of your comfort zone is always a good thing. You can push your limits. You can gain knowledge from new things. It will also boost your team's morale to try and experiment with new things.

18. Open Talk –

Your team is your critique. Ask them if they see any difficulties in handling your attitudes, behaviors, work-approaches, or their way of response. Give them the space to talk openly. You can learn different point-of-views from it. Your team's view will help you in polishing your good-will even more. Receive your positives and negatives openly.

19. Make a note of your company policies –

See to it that you have good knowledge about your company’s policies, business, clients, its interests, and other regulations. An employee needs to know such details. A reliable employee will see to it they respect everything and not cause any harm to it.

20. Positive Attitude & Makeover –

It's very important in the workplace. Once you start seeing things in with a positive makeover, things become easy for you in your workplace.

In Summary:

Dependability and Reliability are very important for your professional career. When you start young, these two qualities will take you high on the ladder in no time. Everything takes time. The same goes for bringing dependable and reliable qualities. Once you start with it, success becomes easy for you.

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