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I am a writer I wrote mostly on fictions and real-life stories of ghost stories.


1. Wake up with a smiling face at 5am so that you may have a pleasant mind and healthy day drink a glass of water and do walk for 15 minutes and do yoga exercises mainly meditation to enhance your imagination, decrease stress and feel positives vibrations on that whole day.

2. After following step 1 after the brush takes a spoon of honey and add warm water and mix it and drink daily a glass of that honey water so that how much fat you are your fat will decrease and you will see the results in three days only you will lose your fat content.

3. Maintain at least 6 hours gap for every meal like breakfast, lunch and dinner by doing so the harmful bacteria which will be presented in your body will die and keeps you healthy body.

4. Cover every vegetable in your meals because every vegetable has a unique power. If you are non-vegetarian, eat meat once a week and take fish twice a week.

5. Every day drink a mixture of one carrot and one beetroot juice so that your body will become flexible.

Firstly go where the air kisses on your chicks sit in a meditation pose and close your eyes. Now give instructions to your body by saying these words, "Hello, my heart and brain be in my control." Now ask yourself these 4 questions.

Question 1: is this problem/situation doesn't have a solution.

Question 2: If this problem/situation doesn't have any solution to then how the problem is formed.

Question 3: If I am not having the capability of solving this why it chose me.

Question 4: What golden ETHIC I am going to learn from this.

After asking yourself these questions, try to find out the answers to them. You know everything has a life so go and stand in front of a tree how much harder the air hit the tree it enjoy the movement and move to and fro happily because it loves air. The tree is in deep love with air; that's why it enjoys its hitting. Here air means problems/situations in our life how much bigger it may enjoy that movement by loving the problems/situations.



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