Can you make yourself crying: Learn the psychology behind the crying

Can you make yourself crying: Learn the psychology behind the crying


If I ask you to cry out loud, would you do it? Of course, you will not. Your first expression would be, why should I cry? Even when you don't have any reason to cry.

I know, no one likes to cry. Everyone wants to be happy all life long. They can't see themselves or their loved ones crying. Even crying is not supposed to be an excellent action to live life healthily.

It is an assumption that if someone is crying, they must not be happy, or they might have any huge problem, and so on. Whereas I will not be correct if I say people should cry without reason.

Crying is an emotion that people don't like to express often. Moreover, in many cultures, crying is supposed to be a sign of weakness of the individual.

According to our society, a boy can not cry. This emotion is reserved for women only. As, if a boy cries, they are considered as a weak personality.

Would you trust me saying, if you can cry in front of anyone, you are the strongest?

Yes, this is the truth. If you can express your emotion and can cry to express your feelings, sorrow, you are the strongest person than those who say themselves Strong and don't cry. I will also say, crying is essential for your health.

You might have thought I'm talking about something opposing to the river flow.

Well, go through this article. I'm sure you will change your mind and start looking at crying from a different perspective.

21 Ways to make yourself cry

Can you cry without reason?

Well, we call it as a dramatic crying. You know, that actress who cries in the TV serials, or the movies? Yes, that is the crying for drama. But, it is seen that many times, they get emotional really while performing as they could feel the situation.

I will repeat it, crying is a good thing, and you have that plus point if you can cry. To find out a few ways of crying find the below list.

1. Put on sad music

No one will deny the fact that they can relate to the music quickly. We all have that one song in our mind which is so special for us. You can go with that any time. Especially when you are sad, and you want to make yourself feel good, you play on the music, and you start feeling the lyrics of the music as you connect yourself with the tone and words of the song. This helps you cry.

2. Turn to any movie that has to make you cry before.

Some movies are too excellent to watch. It brings the reality of life in front of you in such a way that you can not control your emotions even when you know it is just a script. So, when you want to cry, play such movies, and they will help you cry.

“Crying is all right in its way while it lasts. But you have to stop sooner or later, and then you still have to decide what to do.” ― C.S. Lewis, The Silver Chair

3. Go back to your worst experience or memories.

It is life. And you will have good and bad experiences. And thus, it may be called life. No one wants bad memories, bad experience and only want to live a joyful life. And, crying is one of the ways to get positive energy. Remember those bad memories and experiences you had. It will help you to let such memories go away from your mind. And will give you a smile on your face once you let you your tears.

4. Think about the things you are thankful for.

When you see someone struggling for their basic needs, you should be thankful for them; you have them. Many people in the world don't have those things that you have. It may include parents, a good house, a meal, and so on. Be thankful for those things that others don't have, and you are lucky to have them. It will help you make you cry.

5. Find a good place to cry.

Sometimes, you want to cry a lot, but you don't want to cry in front of other people. But, it would help if you cried to let go of all the sorrow, stress, tension you have. So find a quiet and alone place, where you can cry a lot, screaming over your worries.

6. Make use of your hand to keep your eye open for some time.

It is a fake cry I'm talking about. You can also say it is a dramatic cry; I'm suggesting you do. It will help you to dry quickly. These tears come in the reflex category; you will learn about them further. This is an excellent way to make your eyes tearing.

7. Dry your bottom eyelids.

This one also belongs to the same category; the reflex tear. When your bottom eyelid dries, it will make your eyes tearing, which looks like you are crying. This one may also refer to the fake cry. But, still, some people can cry in real, while doing the act to cry.

“Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.” ― Steve Maraboli

8. Open your eyes as broad as possible.

Again the tip comes from the same category. When the wind touches your eyes makes them dried, and the tears start flowing from your eyes. It will indeed help you act like you are crying as it will make your eyes tearing too fast.

9. Fan your eyes rapidly.

When the heavy wind touches your eye, it makes a gravitational sense to your look, and thus, it starts tearing. With this method, you will get quick tears in your eyes, leaving you crying.

10. Rub your eyes rapidly.

Well, professionals don't suggest rubbing your eyes, but it will help you to make your eyes tearing. You will get tears in your eyes so quickly after rubbing it rapidly and frequently.

11. Recall sad moments in life.

Even though we say forget the sad moments of your life, you can't do it, really. Once you forget the pleasant moments, but difficult moments are hard to ignore. Even when I'm saying you recall the sad moments while reading it, you might have quickly thought of those moments. So, keep them holding in your mind, and cry out.

“God gave us crying so other folks could see when we needed help, and help us.”― Joshilyn Jackson, Gods in Alabama

12. Open your eyes without blinking.

You can keep your eyes without blinking for a long time. If you do so, it will make your eyes tearing. Well, this is a method to make your eyes wet in a false sense, but it works and makes your eyes tearing.

13. Try to cut onion.

Have you ever chopped onion? Of course, you did it. And it has made you often cry, right. Well, this is the easiest and standard method to make yourself cry. Onion has a particular chemical in it, which releases when you cut it. And make your eyes tearing.

14. Use eyedrop

The use of eye drop for crying is majorly used in the film industries, drama, etc. Eye drop makes your eyes crying. Of course, it is a fake cry tip, but it works quickly to make others believe that you are crying in reality.

15. Create the sad dialogue.

This one method can also help you making you crying out loud. Sad dialogues refer to the bad memories and bad experiences you have in your life. It will help you to go back to the past, recall the tragic moments, and cry over those moments.

16. Read a sad book

If you are book lovers and sensitive and emotional to cry out over the readings, this one can help you cry by reading the books. Well, books are my dearest friends and can be a good partner. It tells you a lot about various things. If you pick up such a boom, which is so sad, when you read it, it can make you cry.

“If somebody hurts you, it's okay to cry a river, just remember to build a bridge and get over it.”― Taylor Swift

17. Remember someone you love the most and who is not with you.

This one can be a more accurate method to cry. Being not with you means it can be the one who is not alive anymore, or it can be the one who is not with you at the moment. Well, memories are the best, at the same time worst. They are enough to make you cry. Remember such a person, and their memories of being with you will make you cry.

18. Remember your broken trust times.

Don't get me wrong on this trip. But, it is the reality that you may have experienced those moments when you have trusted someone a lot, but they have betrayed it badly. And this feeling makes you sad and breaks your heart too severely. Recall those people and memories and cry out.

19. Spend some Me Time.

You might have felt the confusion; how can Me Time makes you cry. But I will say, yea, it can make you cry. When you are alone, only with you, you will not die alone. Being with you, you will have a lot of memories passing through your mind, which will help you to cry out over them. They can be any memory, good, bad, and so on.

20. Remember your breakup.

If you love someone, you can't imagine your life without them. And, if such a person leaves you for any reason, it breaks you badly. In this condition, you need to cry, to let go of your sorrow to make your mind peaceful and get moved on. So, it would help if you remembered your breakup to let go of your bad feelings out of your mind so that you can live happily.

21. Remember your success and accomplishments.

You will say, why should I cry about my success. But, you might have listened, Tears of Happiness .' I'm speaking about the same event. Remember all your hard work, all your struggle to achieve your goals. Recall all the efforts and sacrifices you made to reach your destination. It will give you a flashback to your journey and give you a tear of happiness.

“Lips that have tasted the salt of tears always give the sweetest kiss.”― C.J. Carlyon, The Cherry House

Different types of cry

Who might have thought that crying also can have benefits? Such people are rare, who cry when they are really feeling like crying. And other don't accept that they want to cry, and they don't express their feeling—Resulting, controlling their tears.

Before I move to a different type of crying, let me share with you what kind of tears humans produce. According to the study, a human has three types of tears, viz.,

Basal Tear:

A human has a tear duct that consistently produces basal tears. These tears are protein-rich antibacterial fluid, helps to keep your eyes moist when a person blinks.

Reflex Tear:

Whenever you get in contact with smoke, heavy wind, or onion, you start crying. Well, this is due to the reflex tear. Reflex tear works as the protector to your eye from such irritational elements.

Emotional Tear:

Emotional tear says it's nature with its name. This tear posses a higher level of stress hormone to relieve you from the stress. Moreover, these tears only when a person is overwhelming.

When you say you want to cry or cry, you refer to emotional tears. Emotional crying is a little different from others. The tears coming out of emotional crying are unique.

Emotional tears contain significantly high quantities of the hormone prolactin, elements of potassium and manganese, a hormone called adrenocorticotropic hormone, and Leu-enkephalin, a neurotransmitter.

“Cry as much as you want to, but make sure when you're finished, you never cry for the same reason again”― Wiz Khalifa

Types of crying

Apart from the basic types of tears, there are several types of crying, which are weeping, sobbing, whimpering, wailing, whining, and bawling.


You take sudden sharp breaths while crying or weeping. You will get stuck with a heavy gasp or a jerky breath amidst your crying. This is sobbing.

Your throat contracts when you sob heavily. Sobbing feels like your throat is closed, and you cannot breathe. Despite that, the tears roll down and you cry! Kids and even adults have sobbed themselves to sleep. Noticed it?

If talking about particularly sobbing, it is the louder one, more intended, emotional, and uglier than others. It can be referred to as the slow but unpredictable inhalation, periodic models of breath-holding, and strong tremor.

Sobbing can be more private than wailing. As, wailing can be referred to as a cry for attention, such as in the case of infants.


Weeping and emotional crying are not the same. They look similar. They sound similar. But they are not.

Weeping is different. Weeping is a result of strong, negative emotional happenings. Tears roll down because of strong negative emotions than happy ones.

Another thing we like to clear here is the question about ‘is weeping and crying the same?’

Weeping is more about tears whereas crying is more about the sound.

We shed tears noisily when we cry. When we weep, tears come out of stronger (a negative sense) emotions, grief, and adversely impactful events. Most of the time there will be no sound.


Whimpering is crying with a soft, feeble cry. Or with a little moan because of sadness, unknown melancholic feeling, physical pain, or anything that makes you unhappy.

Have you seen little puppies crying or making sounds out of hunger? It can sound like a soft whistle, or mewl, or a soft moan, or like a murmur. Whimpering is like that.

Whimpering is like crying softly with a little nasal or with a whining kind of sound. Whimpering is more about bringing self-pity, fear, uneasiness, miserableness, and unhappiness. That is why, most of the time, there will be not much sobbing, weeping, or crying out loud.


Whining is a piercing, high-toned, and sort of adamant cry. Whereas whimpering is a soft, frail cry.

Whining is louder. Whimpering is softer.

Don’t confuse whining and whimpering.

Whining is like continuous complaints and repeated talks in an annoying way. It’s also accompanied by crying. You can relate whining to unyielding, unforgiving behaviors. Whining people will complain, protest and express their intolerance and impatience here.


Bawling is crying with a ruckus kind of behavior. People shout, cry out loud in bawling. Bawling may or may not have tears rolling down. But the cry and the loudness will remain.

Bawling happens when there is a heated argument going on. Or it happens when a person is trying hard to control everything going on in their mind.

“Crying doesn’t mean you’re weak ... Sometimes it’s what you need to do to get strong again.”J.W. Lynne, The Complete Sky Series

Benefit of crying

You might not have experienced it personally, but you may have seen it in movies that a psychologist or psychiatrist treat someone by letting out their tears. What they are doing is, they are making them cry. Their crying is essential, as it will let all of their sorrow get out of their mind.

So, yes, it is not only the script of a movie, but it is the truth. Crying is therapy. And, below are the listed benefits.

1. It has a peaceful effect

What is self-mental peace?

It is when,

You calm yourself

Control your emotions

Reduce your stress

According to a study in 2014, it says when you cry, it will activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System, which results in relaxing you. Which in turn helps you make yourself peaceful. This also means you have to your stress and don't have any burden on your mind.

2. Gets Social Support

If you are crying in front of anyone, say, your friend, they will offer you their concern. Even if you are crying in front of a stranger, the reaction will be the same. This is what I'm saying about getting social support.

A study of 2016 says, crying is like an attachment behavior, as it seeks support from external factors. It is also called the social or interpersonal benefit.

“Our people know these two things best: water and salt. We cry when we run out of sweat, we sweat when we tired of cry.”― Jacqui Germain, When the Ghosts Come Ashore

3. It helps in reducing pain

Crying is an easy topic to study, and many people are researching this topic. One such study says, when you cry, it will release emotional tears, endorphins, and oxytocin. These two hormones are responsible for making people feeling reliving from both mental and physical pain. Which in return makes them reduce their stress and promotes a feeling of self-being.

4. Help in Mood Improvement

Crying releases a' feel good' chemical (oxytocin and endorphin) that helps in enhancing the mood of a person. When you cry, your worry flows away through your tears, which lightens your mind and improves your mood.

5. Reduces Stress

Try this: when you are so stressed and unable to find the solution to your problem, try to cry out. It will indeed help you. What you are doing here is, you are letting go of your stress out of your mind without crying out. It will allow your mind to free up, and your mind will get a space to think positively, or it will empty your mind from the worries.

6. Releases Toxins

Toxins, or anger, poison, bitterness, whatever you say, are not suitable for your health. It only can give your mental health problem, which also acts on your physical health. When you cry, being stressed, in response to it, your tear contains the stress hormone; when they go out, you feel lighter. Well, this theory has the evidence, but it needs more proof to confirm this.

7. Improves Sleep

You might have experienced it indeed that, when you are stressed, you don't find yourself sleeping peacefully. Either you don't sleep, or you awake frequently. As per a study in 2015, a crying baby can have a deep sleep. Whereas the same principle is applicable for adults is yet to be confirmed.

Moreover, it is confirmed that crying helps in reducing stress, makes the mind peaceful, which improves sleep.

“Tears of joy and tears of sorrow sometimes have very different causes, but always have the very same properties.”― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

8. Fighting with Bacteria

Of course, when you cry, you have tears in your eye, which helps in washing your vision, and removing the bacteria, as the incision has lysozyme fluid.

A 2011 study says that the fluid lysozyme has the antibacterial properties that have the strength to minimize the risk of bioterror like anthrax

9. Enhances Vision

In this benefit, Basal tear helps the most. Whenever you blink your eye, a tear releases to keep your eye moist, which helps in clear vision by preventing the mucous membrane go dried. If this membrane dries, you will see a blurry picture.

“Neither be sorrow nor sad but cry when you can.”― Lailah Gifty Akita

Personality traits for cry

Did you ever been called the Cry Baby?

If yes, maybe you might have felt too bad at times. We live in a society where crying is not acceptable by the people, and if you do so, they give you a tag of a weakling. But, if you do cry over the topics you stress or make you feel let down, I would say you are emotionally more robust than those, who don't cry, and I'm strong.

So, for the next time, if you feel like crying out loud, do it as you are making yourself more muscular. Also, check out this list of your personality traits being a cry baby.

Have fewer stress scores

What tends to stress? It is a lot of work, pending work, approaching deadlines, upcoming exams, and so on. Also, stress gives you many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, etc. And, the solution to these problems is crying.

If you don't allow yourself room to cry, you cultivate these diseases and the stress to grow up. Even scientific studies have confirmed that crying helps as a stress-relieving therapy. So, to make your mind calm and work again, if you feel crying, do it now.

I don't care to be called a Vulnerable

No one likes the tag of a Weak person. And, when you say you cry, in front of others, they an opinion about you being a weak personality, that you can not deal with the situation. Well, crying is not at all is a sign of weakness. When you cry, you cope up with the situation. And, you don't bother about being called a weakling. Crying is a sign of the ability to express emotions. You don't have a fear of the external element. That makes you strong. Crying is excellent, as you get the strength to face difficulties and challenges.

Better emotional intelligence than other

Emotional Quotient or Emotional Intelligence, also known as the EQ, is an essential element in a person. If you are a cry baby, it means you have higher Emotional Intelligence than those who don't cry. Crying also means accepting the feelings and facing them, whereas those who don't cry can't get their feelings and are afraid to take the circumstances.

Better Friends

The one who cries has a good hold on their emotions. They can understand the feelings and emotions more than those who don't cry. Those who cry have better emotional intelligence. Thus, they can be good at establishing an incredible bond and stay in touch with the other's emotional selves. Those who cry can decode other's emotions better than others.

“Cry if you have to, you might be harbouring a silent storm.”― Goitsemang Mvula

Don't bother about society's expectations

We live in a society, where being in the 21st century, we are fighting for gender equality. Where we are fighting for women's rights, but also, we have reserved some things for women, such as crying. In our society, if a man cries, then they are named with several taboos. Those who cry, especially men, are mature enough to handle such situations, and they don't care what society wants or expects.

Of course, crying is not at all a bad sign. It is good, in all ways. But, still, it also has the medical rule. Don't get me wrong. But, if someone cries too frequently, they might need a medical concern. It is not apparent to cry so often and so quickly. crying is therapy, but it should be understood which crying is therapy and which brings needs treatment.

Question and answers for resolve doubt on cry

To cry or not to cry is a dilemma. Even though the studies have proved that if you can cry, you become stronger, more confident about your emotion, and happier than those who don't take crying positively. Of course, it will induce specific questions about crying. So, I have picked a few general questions that you may have. So, please go through it, and resolve your doubt.

Is it reasonable to cry?

The straightforward answer to this question would be yes. Crying is always helpful. In many cultures, it is acceptable that a man is crying. Still, as per the research, a woman cries more than a man. Although, crying affects health and mental condition equally in both males and females. But yes, if someone cries more than usual, it can bean a mental issue or a neurological disease for which they should consult a doctor.

Is it normal to cry every day?

Crying is normal. But, it is seen that many people cry every day for nothing. But they are sad due to something. And if they cry due to those events in their life, it is expected, as they cry due to stress and depression. But, they should not always be crying and every minute of their life. It is not at all expected. And this condition needs treatment.

There may be too many reasons why do you cry more than usual. Tearfulness can be due to stress and depression or sadness. These two reasons are the main events for crying. At the same time, some neurological disorders can also make you laugh or cry uncontrollably. So, you should know why it your reason to cry, which will also help you find your crying nature.

Is it healthy to cry?

An expert says, crying is the response to frustration and sorrow, and also it is healthy to cry. I will give you an example. Just after the birth, when a child cries, it is supposed to be a good thing, and if they don't, it is not a good sign. Crying is a medically proven sign of a healthy lifestyle as it removes stress and anxiety from the mind. If one doesn't cry, it may lead to cardiovascular disease and also mental disorders.

Is crying a sign of weakness?

Even though in our society it is said that the one who cries is the one who is weak but, crying is not at all a sign of weakness. Crying is a natural process to relieve stress from the body. If you hold your focus back and don't let it go, it will hamper your physical and mental health.

Does crying make you prettier?

The straight answer to this question is, yes , when you cry, you look more pretty. Talking about the reflex tears, it clears your eyes from the irritational elements. When you cry, your eyes look pretty good. After that, your eyes become more expressive by looking more appealing. Also, while crying, your nose and cheeks becomes red, which is similar to applying the blush on it, but it is more natural.

Does crying make your lips bigger?

While crying, your lips can be swollen due to the skin tissue erects the fluid or due to the underlying inflammation. Due to this, heart rate can also increase, lips can shiver, and voice shakes. And tears start to flow. All of these feelings suggest your hypothalamus start generating the chemical messenger acetylcholine.

Does crying clear your skin?

Crying is the ultimate solution for reducing stress and anxiety. At the same time, these feelings are the reason for acne and breakouts. If with crying, you can reduce your stress, depression, and anxiety, it will start healing your skin. And it is proved.

Does crying age your skin?

Yes, crying may age your skin. Crying can heal your skin and aging. As the reason for crying can be stress, crying can itself reduce the pressure, which is the reason and solution for your aging effect. If the stress increases, aging signings are visible. If the stress is less, anti- aging signs are invisible.

How to fake cry?

The fake cry may refer to the dramatic cry, which I have mentioned in the above subtopic, where I have enlisted various ways to cry. Well, find the easiest ways to fak cry.

1.) You are using your hands to keep holding your eyes open for a while.

2.) Try drying your bottom eyelid.

3.) Keep your eye as broader as possible.

4.) Fan your eyes fast.

5.) Rub your eyes.

How to not cry?

Not to cry refers to controlling your emotions. Which maybe not too pleasing. But sometimes, you need to hold on to your tears. So, look at the ways to manage your cry in the below list.

1. Bend your head slightly upside to avoided tears from falling down. With this, the incisions will collect at the bollm eyelid and don't run on your face. This may stop tears flow.

2. Pinch your skin between the thumb and the pointer finger. The pain will distract you from crying.

3. Stretch your muscles. It will make your brain and body feel confident and control your crying, according to scientists.

4. Stay away from the stressed situation.

5. Blink frequently if you already have started crying. It will clear the tears and don't make them roll on your face.

6. Hold back your emotions.

7. If you think you might be crying, don't blink.

8. Shift your thought and mind from stressful situations to other ones.

9. Do another work that distracts you from being emotional.

How to cry on command?

Cry on command refers to dramatic crying, where you need to make yourself crying purposely. Here are the ways to make yourself cry.

1. Understand and live in the event.

2. Feel the pain.

3. Feel the moment.

4. Access your emotions.

5. Try to put your leg in the shoe of the person.

How to cry on cue?

For this, you need to feel the pain by going back in your old loss and heartbreak emotions. You can take this feeling from your own life experiences to handle it better and more profound. Try edition on pain, grief, sadness, memories.

Why much I cry?

Crying is natural, and everyone does it. But, you should know how much crying is good and bad. If you cry too much, you might be too stressed, depressed, or overwhelmed. Or, you may also have a depressive disorder. At such times, you should focus on reducing the stress to reduce the crying.

Why do I cry for no reason?

Crying is good at a point if it has a valid reason. But, if you cry uncontrollably and without any reason, it can be due to the pseudobulbar effect. Also known as emotional lability. These conditions may arise due to the inappropriate environment.

Why do I cry so easily?

If you cry easily, it may have several reasons depending on your personality and experiences. One of such reasons may be the stress you have. And to cure it, you should try reducing it.

Why can’t I stop crying?

If you think you experience difficulty stopping yourself from crying, you need to concern a doctor immediately. It may be a sign of my depression, mental illness, or mood disorders.

Why am I crying suddenly?

There is a condition called the Pseudobulbar effect, also known as PBA due I which someone can feel sudden laughing, crying, or anger. And it needs treatment. It is a spontaneous neurological condition related to the injury to the brain controlling your emotions. crying is a normal response to feelings but, it is uncontrollable; it can affect your daily life. Such crying may come from mental illness, such a d, depression, anxiety, or burnout.

Why do I feel like crying?

Feeling like crying doesn't mean you are suffering from the disease. It may have several reasons which are expected, such as the heavy wind flow, emotional experience, cutting an onion, or something stuck in your eye.

Can you cry in your sleep?

Yes, you can cry in sleep. And it is normal too. The reason behind this can be, sleep terror, nightmares, etc. Maybe you can cry while dreaming. Well, this only happens, if the dreamer experiences the dream too intensively so that it feels real.

What does it mean when you cry for no reason?

Even if crying is normal, crying for no reason may be due to your overwhelmed, crying past memories, or any mental medical condition.


Did you ever think that crying could also have a field of study? Well, crying is a very ordinary act done by everyone in the world. There is a point comes when everyone feels like crying. But, hardly people know that crying is essential for a healthy life. This article will help you learn about almost every aspect of crying. At the same time, this topic is too vast. But, you can find the basic information about crying in the article.

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