11 Characteristics of a Confident Person

11 Characteristics of a Confident Person


Confidence is your belief in oneself. If you feel what you are doing is correct or what you have chosen to do is just the best, it means you are of the belief that you totally rely upon yourself, which is what having confidence means.

You can have confidence in yourself or have confidence in others. Having self-confidence means you have that self-esteem and the ability in yourself that you will accomplish a given task, despite any challenge that crosses your path. Having confidence in others means you trust the person so much so that you feel everything right about that person, all the actions, thoughts, and suggestions.

Confidence is regarded to be a very important personality trait. A confident person is usually a go-getter. Certain behavioral characteristic properties of a confident person are stated below for your ready reference.

  1. Body language.

If you are confident in facing a situation, your gestures say it already. Having a cool, calm, and serene postures automatically talk to others about your inner self. It is rightly said that actions speak louder than words. So does your body language, which is ahead of your work performance.

  1. Making a polite ‘no.’

Understand that you cannot accept or do everything on this earth. You may be pre-occupied with your task when a new task is being handed over to you, though it could have been delegated to someone else by your manager. Master to say ‘no’ at times of need. Don’t feel bad that by saying so, you are hurting others. In fact, by making things transparent for others, it is much easy for your boss as well to plan accordingly.

  1. More action and less words.

If you are confident, then your work will talk about itself. You need not specifically go public and talk about all that you did and are doing. Don’t wait to be introduced. Be known for your work.

  1. Walk your talk.

When you make a statement of commitment, stick to it. If you say that you will do something, then, by all means, do it. Prove yourself to be the most reliable and trust-worthy. Don’t wait for fingers to point you out in a negative perspective.

  1. Interrogate and introspect.

You may be learning something new, and you are already not confident about the subject matter. In such a situation, you have to interrogate and keep questioning and introspecting until you gain sufficiently well knowledge in that area. Soon you will attain confidence in the subject.

  1. Confident outfit.

Your body postures along with your dressing attire, showcase your confidence levels to the world, without having to utter a word at all, in the first place.

  1. Robust eye contact.

You have to maintain proper eye contact, both when listening to others and when making your affirmations. This doesn’t mean you have to continuously keep staring at the other person. Take intermittent breaks and often blink downwards. But while exchanging words, do make it a point that you maintain healthy eye contact.

  1. Don’t fall for everything.

You need not wait for appreciations to come your way, nor get emotionally distracted by the criticisms you receive from others. Just understand that it is all part of life. Just keep working and keep going with your energy levels up and running. You don’t have to express greedy ness for good or sickness for bad, coming your way.

  1. Focus on grey areas.

You certainly have your own strengths, just like anybody else. And strengths are your favorite areas where you will rock for sure. So, just take a step back and start focusing on your grey areas and weaknesses. These are the areas that you actually need to work out, to boost up your confidence even further.

  1. Bell, the cat.

Be the first one to initiate anything for a good cause. Don’t wait for the opportunity to come your way. Just create the opportunity yourself. This is how you would practically behave with self-esteem in the heart. Open up yourselves for challenges. Take initiatives and certainly be goal-minded.

  1. Always stay in the learning curve.

Never ever stop learning. Life is like being in a library with varied kinds of books around. Understand that you are not a master of all; you may just be a jack of all, though. So, keep yourself in the learning curve, and keep growing, enriching your knowledge in varied fields. Because you never know when you can make use of it, either for self or others.

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