9 tips to stop having bad thoughts

9 tips to stop having bad thoughts


Bad thoughts are nothing but your negative thought processes. With a negative mindset, you tend to worsen everything in life. Your hope to achieve your targets and your approach towards work is all hampered and gone for a toss. You fail to see the opportunities knocking at your doorstep as well. It is therefore important to stop having bad thoughts if you really aspire for better results in life for your own well-being.

Here are 9 tips to stop having bad thoughts.

  1. Laughter is the best medicine. Give yourself time to laugh in life. Always keep smiling at heart irrespective of how bad the situation is. Calm down your senses towards external negative energies that impact your life. If you can work this laughter therapy in groups as well, you will wonder to see how the results are turning in your favor.
  1. Speak to your loved ones. Share with them the negative thoughts that are disturbing you on your path to progress. And then laugh together loud as to how ridiculous and absurd is your thought process. Share many such stories to kick off the bad buddy resting in you without your very permission.
  1. When your mind triggers you with a negative thought, then speak to your inner voice and convey it thanks for sharing. And then move on with your routine. There is no point in raising your tone at your thought as it might burst you out even further. Be the upper hand and play the reverse strategy with your bad thoughts. They will find themselves a way to escape from you.
  1. Allow your bad thoughts to pop up only for a limited period of time. Spend a few minutes with these thoughts and rush back to your mundane activities. Never entertain them again for the rest of the day. Help your bad thoughts understand the ground reality. Be transparent and honest with them and tell them they mean nothing for you.
  1. Practice breathing exercises. Calm down your senses by inhaling from one nostril and exhaling from the other, multiple times. Concentrate on your breathing abilities and listen to your heartbeat. Spice it up with a bit more of yoga and meditation. Bring back your senses to your control as you are the master and they are your slaves. Your bad thoughts are sure to exit from your path.
  1. Keep yourself engaged in doing some of the other activities. Be it house-keeping or gardening, painting or cleaning, makeover or shopping, anything that interests you and at the same time deviates and distracts you from the bad thoughts that cross you in your mind. Spend time with your pet, watch a favorite movie, listen to instrumental music but get yourself busy and convey them clearly that you don’t have time to listen to them.
  1. Go for a brisk walk. Change your environment. Feel the atmosphere around and enjoy the beauty of nature. Stand up from where you are and walk away from the situation that is causing you distress in life. Keep your eye contact to the tip of the topmost leaf of a huge tree that you see within your focus. Stare at it for a few seconds. Your bad thoughts would have already found their way out.
  1. If one bad thought flashes in your mind, allow it. In fact, allow more of these. And allow as many as possible. Write all these bad thoughts down on a piece of paper. Once you clear them from your mind and put them on paper, your mind no more wanders for them. The next thing you have to do is crush that piece of paper and throw it off your way. You will be a lot relieved and refreshed.
  1. Pick your favorite book and read it upside down. Or re-write the same article right to left. Write with your alternate hand. Play a lot of brain games that you never played before. By engaging yourself in such activities, you tend to pay one hundred percent focus on what you are doing. Try to do the same thing in a different way. Give your complete attention to win it. With the lapse of time, your bad thoughts would have already experienced being unattended for long and left that space free in your mind and heart.

Finally, negative thinking is the easiest way to pull down yourself. You feel more depressed and demotivated. So it is careful to understand the negative trigger points, curb them down instantly, and keep yourself up and heading towards progress in life.

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