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1. Transparency

Transparency in a team definitely builds trust. If everything’s being transparent in the team, the trust with one another will increase.

2. Stop the habit of Blaming

Let go even if it’s that one team member’s mistake. Stop blaming. Support the person altogether as a team. Work on correcting the mistake—what better way than this to build team trust. Instead of blaming, try to do the next step in finding a solution. Don’t make the person who did a mistake fee ‘left-out.’ It can make them even more vulnerable. Building trust is in little things like this, which has a tremendous positive impact. Share bad things together like the good things to build trust within your team.

3. Don’t just see the Employee’s Triumphs

See mistakes as opportunities. Learn ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do.’ Don’t just see the employees in their triumphs alone. Look at the mistakes, too, as chances to find better things. Next time your team member makes mistakes, learn from it. Support them.

4. Don’t pester your Team with Rules

Team members are adults who are educated and creative individuals. Don’t treat them like children and pester them with too many rules. Too many restrictions or rules–to-follow gives the feeling of ‘They Don’t trust us’ to employees. Make sure you note this point. Building trust involves giving freedom to your team members.

5. Spend Time with your Team Members

Don’t control and operate your team by sitting inside your room. Team dynamics are not about that. Spend time with your team. Mingle with them. Give time to hear them out. Ask your team about how they are often doing. Good socialization is important for Building Trust in a team.


6 things to do when you are bored

1. Create a photo collage

Pick up your album and go through some old memories. Take all the photos that you like and turn them into a photo collage. Through this, you can also check your creativity.

2. Watch funny videos

If you watch funny videos, this enhances your mood. If you are bored at home, then watching funny videos is a good thing to do at home. You will enjoy it and get entertained.

3. Read interesting books

Reading books you like is one of the best things to do when you are bored. You will pass your time easily and also get knowledge. It will become your favorite pass time once you start reading.

4. Sign up for free online classes

Sign up for free online courses with your friends. Many sites offer free courses. Sign up for these sites and take courses. You will not only enjoy it but also get extra knowledge by doing what interests you.

5. Watch a movie

Watch a movie with your friend. It will make your mood better. You will really enjoy it and adds some fun to your life. Take a bunch of snacks into your room and start to watch a movie.

6. Learn something new

Learn a new language or learn something that interests you. It will help you in getting rid of boredom and will be useful in the future.

5 things to do when bored

1. Design the wall of your room

Try to design your room differently and give it a new look. This will make you more comfortable with your room, and you will easily spend your free time in the room and never get bored.

2. Do some painting

Try to do some painting when you are bored. You don’t need to be a professional for this. If you do a painting, it can increase your creativity. You will feel more energized with new ideas in mind. Draw whatever you want and paint it with your thoughts. It will become more realistic.

3. Start a journal

If you start a journal, time will fly easily, and you will never get bored. Write down all your daily activities, even your goals. It is one of the best things to do when you are bored.

4. Organize apps on your phone

Delete the ones you haven’t used for the past three months. And install some new apps that look interesting.

5. Play a game

Games are a perfect way to make a boring day more exciting. There are games for everyone. You can play scrabble or puzzle games. Play these games with your friend or your family you will have a more enjoyable day playing.

What can I do when I am bored in my house?

Sometimes it becomes difficult to spend time, and it seems that time has stopped. Boredom kills happiness. Try to do things that help you kill boredom.

Here are some of the things that you can do when you are bored,

1. Call a friend

If you are bored at home, pick up a phone and call your faraway friend. It will make the bond stronger with your friend. Just call them and talk about whatever you want, even rubbish things.

2. Clean your closet

In your free time, try to clean your closet and the clothes which you did not wear for one year give them to some needy person. In this way, you can help a needy person and make some extra storage space in the cupboard. It helps to improve your mood when you are bored.

3. Go for a walk

Leave your cell phone at home. Admire the view of nature and stop to smell the flowers. This will make you fresh. You will enjoy the walk. It’s the best way of spending time.

4. Organize your bookshelf

Organizing your bookshelf is a great way to spend time. If you organize your bookshelf, you will also find some interesting books to read. After organizing a bookshelf, pick up the book and start to read. It is a great way of getting rid of boredom.

the best way to improve your intelligence

Eat a healthy balanced diet.

In the modern world, it is actually becoming quite difficult to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. With a range of different fast food outlets present in their vicinity, people tend to slack off and give in to their desires.

However, our Brains need a certain quantity and a certain mix of nutrients, taken at certain times, to work at their maximum capacities. By eating a healthy and balanced diet, such as fruits and vegetables, which are rich in proteins and carbohydrates, one can maintain a healthy brain function without using supplements.

Eating such a balance of nutrients enhances your brain energy and brings it to a better level, thereby helping you to concentrate. Hence, eating a healthy and balanced diet improves your mental health and intelligence.

2 ways to improve your intelligence

1. Do regular exercise

Most of the people you see having the perfect routine in their lives are indulged in regular exercise. They have made exercising a constant part of their routine, and therefore, they function accordingly. Make exercise your habit. It actually improves your blood flow and promotes good health.

It also energizes your brain and makes it work properly. It gives the brain the energy which is necessary to think and also improves your concentration. You can focus on things more clearly. Therefore, it is more important for your mental health and your intelligence than you think.

2. Get enough sleep

Most often, along with resting, people consider sleeping to be an unnecessary part of their daily plan. When planning for their day ahead, a large majority of them do not even think sleeping should be there in their schedule.

However, one thing they fail to consider is that without sleep, their whole day will be wasted. Therefore, in a sense, sleeping does improve your intelligence, as it gives you the ammunition you require to carry out the other important activities of your day. Sleep deprivation can cause a lack of concentration and attention.

It becomes difficult for you to focus on things. Sleep is good for maintaining mental health and boosts your concentration power.

What are the best ways to improve your intelligence?

Intelligence is defined as how one applies knowledge or skills.

1. Have a good breakfast

Starting the day on the right note is the way to go, and the first thing most people do during their day is have a meal, their breakfast. You cannot work without breakfast. Eat a healthy breakfast to get yourself going, as a healthy breakfast not just improves your intelligence but makes your day a whole lot better. It is directly linked to your mental performance, so eating a healthy breakfast helps boost your mental ability.

Some of the best breakfast meals are,

  • Oatmeal
  • Fruits
  • Nuts and but butter
  • Eggs

2. Get enough rest

Although not given enough importance, resting is as important as any other activity for a human being. Therefore, it needs to be integrated into their daily routine with as much consideration. We cannot work smarter without our brains not working properly, and our brains need to recharging more often than we think. Hence, get enough rest along with working so that your brain does not burn out.

You can get good sleep by,

  • Eliminating distractions.
  • Keep your bedroom dark and quiet.
  • Wake up at the same time every day.

3. Do math questions

Although it is a part of a lot of people’s regular studies, Mathematical actually makes you exert your brain more than any other subject. This is quite evident, as while you are working on mathematical equations, you feel yourself being more active than when you are studying the other subjects.

Math questions require you to use your brain. Most people do not like Math because they don’t want to use their brains. By doing the math, we exercise our brain and make it more active, and through exercise, it gets stronger and quicker.

3 Ways to Boost Your Intelligence

1. Gain new experience in life

We all know the importance of life experiences. Expand your boundaries and broaden your outlook and try doing new things that you have never done before. Experience gives leaders the courage for important decisions that they must take and how best they should lead, motivate, and respond to their people.

You can go for gaining experience in several ways,

● Practice different culture

● Find a new hobby

● Move out of your comfort zone

● Volunteer

● Take notes

2. Be socially active

It is highly beneficial for you to interact with other people, share your views, get new ideas from them. You should take part in different discussions and defend your point of view while focusing on other people's ideas. It will help you increase your IQ.

These conversations and interactions are an exercise for your brain and help you think deeply. It also helps to lower your risk of developing dementia and also helps to fight depression.

To become socially active,

● Start with small steps.

● Chat with strangers.

● Do not control yourself all the time.

● Find a social hobby and make you interact with people.

● Play sports.

● Smile with someone.

3. Observe carefully

Always consider issues and problems from different angles to boost your brainpower. Observe things carefully. When you are in a conversation with someone, observe their actions carefully, and if you like them, make them part of your life.

This will help you in gaining positive thinking. You will never get jealous of other's achievements. Observe things from different angles; this boosts your IQ, and you will gain more experiences in life.

3 ways to increase your IQ

1. Play brain games

Brain games sharpen our cognitive ability. Many apps boost your IQ. Brain games, if applied to problem-solving skills, can be helpful in real-life situations. If we keep playing games, we will get better at them. Brain games make you smarter.

Play them just 30 minutes a day. It will improve your working memory. Playing brain games such as chess helps in developing mental ability. You gain new skills which prove helpful in your life ahead.

2. Eat smart

There are certain foods that have abilities to enhance brainpower. There is no need to eat processed foods as they are not good for our health. You should avoid trans fats as they can cause diabetes, stroke, high cholesterol, and other health problems.

To keep your mind in peak condition, try these foods,

● Nuts

● Fish

● Avocadoes

Some nuts like almonds and hazelnuts contain vitamin E, which is essential for cognitive function, and it improves memory. They also contain protein, which is essential for our brain health. Try a handful of nuts every day and include them in your daily diet; this will sharpen your brain.

3. Meditate

Many studies show a direct link between meditation and brain activity. Meditation will improve your intelligence in a number of ways. Start with just doing 10 minutes of meditation and then feel the difference.

To do meditation,

● Find a room with little noise.

● Sit comfortably, not with cross-legged.

● Set a timer on your phone.

● Do it with your eyes open or closed.

● Focus on your breathing.

3 ways to improve your IQ level

1. Learning a new language

More than half of the population of the world is bilingual. Learning multiple languages is beneficial to the human brain. Learning language through talk and interaction is most beneficial for cognitive outcomes later in life. It makes you smarter. Your brain gets stronger as it struggles to deal with situations and respond to information.

Learning a language also utilizes memory and analytical reasoning. This is why Bilingual people multi-task better than monolinguals. Devote 20 minutes of your day in learning a new language. You will develop a better sense of focus, ignoring irrelevant information.

2. Reading frequently

Books are very beneficial to us. Reading releases stress as our mind is freed from doing the tasks, and we are fully absorbed in reading. It helps to build our vocabulary better, and you can express your thoughts easily. People who read a lot also have different writing styles because they are influenced by it.

We can get new ideas if we read frequently, and it also strengthens our imagination and creativity of our minds. We can focus and concentrate on things as when we are reading; we just concentrate on the thoughts of the story; we do not think of anything else. Reading also improves memory and makes you smarter, so make reading your habit.

3. Manage your time wisely

Make a list of your priorities and go through them one by one. Time flies away, and it is hard to control it. If you are conscious of time, it will result in self-improvement, and you can achieve your goal easily.

To manage your time wisely,

● Set goals and fulfill them one by one.

● Plan ahead and meet the deadlines.

● Prioritize your to-do list.

● Focus on one task at a time.

● Start with the most important task.

How can you increase your IQ?

There are several ways you can take to increase your IQ. You can improve the functioning of your brain and adopt learning strategies that will improve your ability to acquire, retain, and apply knowledge. IQ can be increased; you are not stuck with what you are born.

Have you ever thought it is possible to improve your intelligence? It is possible to increase your intelligence with the right kind of intellectual training. Intelligence counts for fifty percent (50%) of your success. Intelligence is our ability to think at a higher level. Below are some of the ways to increase your IQ,

1. Challenge yourself

There are many ways to train your brain to get smarter. Life is all about growth. We grow and expand our horizons through challenges. If you challenge yourself, it builds confidence in you.

If you accept challenges, you can discover more about yourself, improve your knowledge and skills. You will also be able to grow as a person and can achieve a goal you want to accomplish.

You can challenge yourself in several ways,

● Try to figure out what you are scared of, and then do it consistently for one week.

● Retain your perspective.

● Always be clear of your goals.

● Do exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

2. Memory activities

Memory activities can not only help to improve memory but also reasoning and language skills. Memory activities can continue to develop intelligence.

Here are some of the activities

● Sudoku

● Puzzles

● Crossword puzzles

● Card game

3 tips to become a socially confident

1. Start by doing small.

One thing that stops you from making positive changes in your social life is that you are overwhelmed. Set small goals and accomplish one goal at a time. Try to make eye contact if you are a total beginner to your social life and smile at strangers when you are out.

After that, say hello and engage them in small talk. If you are comfortable with it, you can hold a long conversation. It helps because you start small and keep doing it until you are efficient. Start small and be patient; the results are always worth it.

2. Allow yourself to make mistakes.

Life is all about making mistakes and then correct them to lead a peaceful life. If you make a mistake, it is totally normal. Everyone makes a mistake; no one is perfect. Try to learn from your mistakes.

Remember that you are doing the best you can in the current situation, so don’t let yourself down when you make a mistake. Focus on what you can do and let go of the rest. Life is not about perfection; it is about making mistakes and learning from them. If you adopt this mindset, you will enjoy your journey to becoming more socially confident.

3. Accept who you are

If you want to be someone else, you are just wasting yourself. If we want to overcome self-esteem, the key to this is self-acceptance. If you accept yourself as you are, other people will also accept you as well, and you will become more confident. This can lead you to greater happiness and more fulfilling life.

You should focus on your social qualities rather than thinking about negative qualities. It will not only help you better accept yourself, but you will also move towards your goal more confidently.

How can I become socially confident?

Confidence makes us appear more attractive to others; it is a beautiful thing. Success always comes by taking action, and with our lack of confidence, we don’t take action. We want to speak in a large group, but we are afraid that we might be shut down by anyone.

We want to meet new people, but we are shy to start a conversation. Most people don’t do the things they want to do due to a lack of confidence. A lack of confidence can lead to isolation.

Here are a few steps that help us to become socially confident.

1. Adopt an effective attitude

You should adopt an effective attitude as no one is looking at you or judging you; they don’t have time for this. They are probably wondering what you are thinking about them, so stop misleading yourself instead develop a good attitude.

This is the key to success. Think of interacting with people as a fun and pleasant thing. It is not a matter of life and death; take a step.

2. Change your environment

Always be aware of the company you keep. The company you keep has a significant impact on the kind of person you become later. If you want to become more talkative and confident, keep company with socially confident people.

Try to be around them as much as possible and pay attention to how they think. Adopt their positive attitudes; it will make you confident and socially active in life.

3 tips for developing self-confidence and self-esteem

1. Be nice to others

It is natural behavior; as we grow up, we learn values and morals that make us nice people. Being nice to others makes us feel happier and is key to our success. If you’re kind to people, they trust you more and make a good company, thus leading you to your success. It brings less stress when we are nice to others.

2. Look people in the eye.

When you greet people with a smile and gentle eye contact, you are showing affection towards them. You are telling them that you are happy with them. This behavior helps to build confidence in both.

Most people who lack self-confidence are fearful of connecting with others. They are shy about how they can smile at someone, but this is not bad behavior; instead, it builds self-confidence, and others feel free to talk to you.

3. Allow yourself to take risks.

Great opportunities come from taking risks. It shows confidence and is a great way to present yourself as a leader. If we do not take risks, we will not learn from them. We learn from risks, and this leads us to a new path.

Taking risks can sometimes lead to failure, which in turn can help you grow as a person. Many of life’s great goals can be achieved if you go out of your comfort zone. Failure provides an essential tool for building character, so don’t stop yourself from taking risks due to fear of failure. Take action and let life be yours.

How can I develop self-confidence and self-esteem?

When our self-esteem is higher, we feel better about ourselves, and we take failure as less painful. It becomes easy to believe that we do not have the ability for this, or we are not worth it if we fail to achieve our goals.

Self-confidence is very important if you want to achieve your goals. If you have the right commitment and effort, you can build your self-confidence in a short period. It is not an impossible thing.

1. Believe in yourself

The first step in creating self-esteem is to believe in yourself. It is your responsibility to take charge of your own self and your beliefs, including belief in your talents, potentials, and abilities. If you have belief in yourself, you will know how to live; to build self-esteem and self-confidence, we should get rid of our fears and self-doubt.

Everything you get in life is because of your belief in yourself and that you can do this. Try to believe in yourself throughout your life to build confidence and higher self-esteem.

2. Think positively about yourself

You should continuously remind yourself that you are a unique and special person despite your problems. You deserve to feel good about yourself. Try to challenge your negative thoughts.

Most people struggle in their lives by thinking positively about themselves. Thinking about your positive attitudes and letting go of negative ones is not a difficult task. You can develop self-confidence and self-esteem by your this attitude.

4 tips to improve your concentration level

1. Eat a balanced diet

A balanced diet has a great impact on our health. Overeating can make us feel uncomfortable and sleepy; we are unable to concentrate on doing anything. A healthy meal helps us maximize our ability to concentrate.

A balanced and healthy diet is important to increase concentration. Avoiding junk food makes you healthy, and you gain concentration power more easily because the brain can work more efficiently with a healthy diet.

Foods rich in proteins such as almonds, eggs, and lean meat have the ability to increase concentration levels. So focus on your diet and eat a well-balanced diet.

2. Exercise frequently

Our physical well-being has a great impact on our ability to concentrate. If we are tired and unhealthy, concentration becomes difficult. We need to give priority to our physical health to stay focused.

● Maintain a healthy weight

● Stay physically fit

● Get enough sleep

● Exercise regularly

These are some of the tips to maintain concentration.

3. Take regular breaks

Another thing that improves your concentration is taking breaks. If you work continuously, it can make you crazy, and you will be unable to focus on one thing. Taking regular breaks between work make you active and helps you to concentrate.

If our brain has to concentrate consistently for hours at a time, it loses concentration power, and concentration level slips. To reboot your concentration take breaks or power naps to make your brain work at its full.

4. Practice makes perfect

The more we practice, we become good at anything. Concentration is the same as any other activity. The more we practice, the better our concentration will become. If you want to improve your concentration, train your brain to do one task at a time, and after completing it, move to another task.

What are some tips and tricks to increase concentration power?

Concentration determines the success of a person in any field. Improving concentration in the long term requires a great amount of effort and time. The results won’t be productive if you practice it for a whole week if the brain is not performing well. There are a few simple ways through which you can improve your concentration.

1. Keep a plan in mind

Always make a plan for whatever you do. If you sit down without a plan, you can easily get distracted, and it is just a waste of time. You will be distracted by a variety of useless thoughts instead of devoting yourself to complete one task.

To avoid distractions, keep a plan in mind, take a five to ten minutes break between work, and use this time to check emails and messages. When making a plan, give enough time to sleep, work, and entertainment. Don’t give all your time to work, leave some time for entertainment as well.

2. Meditate

Meditation improves our power of concentration. How to concentrate is the first thing we focus on when we try to meditate. If you give some time to meditation, you can easily concentrate on your tasks.

According to one study, even a few minutes of daily meditation can help improve focus and performance. It is a proven technique to increase your concentration.

Challenge your brain to think positively

1. Stop multi-tasking

If you try to multi-task, you will not work properly. You are more likely to make mistakes and get frustrated when things go wrong. If you do not multitask, you can train your brain to focus your attention on one activity at a time and work better.

Breaking large tasks into smaller ones helps accomplish them easily and take regular breaks because it is impossible to focus on one thing for hours.

2. Play games

If your brain once realizes that it has mastered something, it becomes lazy and stops trying. There are a few games that you can play to increase the activity of your brain.

They are both helpful in reducing your brain and make it think in a better way. Such games are sudoku, crossword puzzles, and many more. Try these games to make your brain think better. You can also do mental math whenever you find the time. This makes your brain smarter and, on the whole, think differently.

3. Challenge your brain to think positively.

You have to challenge your brain for it to grow. Choosing a new activity is very beneficial for this. It allows your brain to learn something new and give it a chance to improve.

Practice is the other thing you can do to train your brain, as you cannot improve your memory if you do not work on it. The more time you give your brain to engage in something, the more it benefits. By continuous practice, you can train your brain to think better as practice creates havoc.

How do I train my brain to think better?

Just like muscles brain needs exercise to keep it in good working order. If you keep a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep, this helps in making your brain healthy and active. We can train our brains to think better.

There is no need to master every detail of every subject to become a great thinker. There are a few that you need to learn to have a firm grasp. The brain has the ability to learn and grow as you age, but for this, we have to train our brain on a regular basis.

Here are a few steps that you can take to train your brain to think better,

1. Reframe from negative thoughts

Negative thoughts like I can’t do this, prevent you from thinking positive. By thinking positively, like, if I continue hard work, I will find more jobs, we can change these negative thoughts. Try thinking in a balanced way if negative thoughts come to your mind, overcome them with positive thoughts.

2. Change your perspective.

Try to think of a situation with a different viewpoint. If you change your perspective, this can help you explore more ideas without getting emotional about it. Everything in life always has a positive and a negative side. To change your perspective try these things,

● Look for something positive.

● Focus on the lesson, not the issue

● Remain at a distance from any source of negativity.

● Engage yourself in positive self-talk

2 Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp

1. A quality sleep

A way to keep your brain working sharp is to shut it off for six to eight hours. One of the important things we can do to make our brain work properly is to get enough sleep. Sleeping six hours every night helps to keep your brain sharp. Sleep reenergizes the body cells and supports learning and memory.

To become a more productive, healthy sleep puts us in the right state of mind. Sleep problems can lead to problems with concentration and memory. To have a good sleep


● Avoid heavy food

● Stay consistent

● Limit stimulants

2. Eat well

If we eat a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it can help keep our brains healthy throughout our life. Nuts like almonds and fish are linked to a healthy brain. Include these things in your food to boost brain activity,

● Eggs- It helps regulate mood and memory.

● Salmon- It is filled with omega-three fatty acids, which are major building blocks of the brain.

● Almonds- It is filled with proteins and helps the brain work properly.

● Green tea- It improves alertness and focus. It is rich in antioxidants and has been linked with decreasing the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

What are the best things to do to keep your brain sharp?

Exercise for a healthier mind

Regular exercise, even a simple walk, helps to improve your memory and cognitive skills. You can take up playing chess, juggling, or learning a new language; all these are brain training games to keep your brain sharp. Along with the walk, yoga also enables you to practice balance and engage different muscle groups.

1. Keep learning

If you continue to learn, your mind becomes sharp with age. It helps the person in the habit of being mentally active. If you keep on learning, you will find many new things and gain new experiences. Learning makes you active, and you can face challenges more confidently. Here are some ideas,

● Set aside some time for reading

● Join a book club through a local library or book store

● Subscribe to courses

● Watch educational videos

2. Try new things.

If you start building new skills throughout your life, this helps keep your brain healthy and sharp by creating new connections between brain cells. Learning something new is one way to keep your brain working and can produce more productive results. Learning a skill can stimulate your mind. It can relieve boredom, and you can live to your full. It helps ward off dementia.

3. Write frequently

Writing improves memory and communication skills. If you learn to express yourself, this will boost your brain activity. Here are some simple writing exercises that you can try,

● Creative stories

● Handwritten letters

● Blog posts

● Emails

● Poetry

4. Play brain games

If you have never learned chess, this is a great time to learn it. Paint in a coloring book or grab a paper or pen and start drawing. This is a creative workout and a great activity for the brain. Games are an excellent and simple way to sharpen your brain. Here are a few fun games,





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To lead a successful life may have been the dream of many of us, but most of the time, it doesn’t happen because of the absence of proper goals and thinking. We have to keep in mind that success mainly matters upon what you think of yourself, not upon what others think of yourself.

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