5 tricks to improve your personality and communication skills

5 tricks to improve your personality and communication skills


A congenial conversation is a quite challenging task for introverts. There will be many instances in our lives where an affectionate conversation will prove to be beneficial for us. But when there is a scenario of verbal communication, introverts get terrified as this is like a nightmare for them. This post is a complete guide that will help you develop these skills. Therefore, considering all aspects, below are 5 tricks to help you to improve communication and your personality that you probably do not know about.

  • Dealing with fear.

Fear is fictional. It is just a figment of your imagination. A human being experiences fear only when he thinks about the future, whereas the whole existence is in the present. In reality, it is impractical to eradicate fear. Don't let this discourage you.

However, it is possible to overcome fear effectively. Start practicing yoga and meditation. This will eventually develop your focus and boost your concentration. You must contribute daily at least 15 minutes of your valuable time to yoga and meditation. Make the right schedule and abide by it. Only then, it will prove to be effective.

  • Try to bargain

One may wonder how can bargaining be of some help to this issue. Well, bargaining helps you build three things. First, it will provide you an essential amount of knowledge about that specific item which may help you in the future.

Second, bargaining gives you the exact idea to communicate with brilliance. This builds your scope towards persuading people.

Third, you get your confidence level boosted. This is probably the biggest advantage of bargains. Moreover, this proves to be an additional benefit for introverts. Besides, bargaining is an art that improves your deductive reasoning and debating skills.

Therefore, the next time you visit a nearby market or in doing business, try to develop this art.

  • Develop your postures and clothing.

A good sense of clothing and hygiene boosts your charisma as well as your confidence. Besides gaining confidence, it is also important to look good so you feel and look more confident. People around you will not hesitate to judge you on your looks. Walk with an erect posture, and always keep your eyesight straight. A downgraded posture would affect your charisma.

First, your boss will notice how you present yourself. Researchers say that a well-dressed man/woman is more likely to get a job among 10 competitors. Besides, the individual gets an additional psychological satisfaction. Therefore, develop a more updated sense of clothing.

  • Speak in front of a mirror

Mankind has witnessed great actors in history. One such actor was the legendary Shah Rukh Khan. He used to rehearse his dialogues in front of his mirror. This habit made him the world’s richest actor in 2020. His speeches are very motivational and he was able to engage his listeners. The habit made him so skilled that, his expressions seem to be real.

These things must be learned from history and applied in our lives. Besides, this will prove to be beneficial if you are home alone.

  • Debate and offer a speech.

Public communication is a skill that can be only be acquired through practice and hard work. Compete in oratory competitions like speech and debate. Winning or losing doesn’t arise in this scenario, as winning is not of mere importance at the beginner level.

In the beginning, the individual goes through a terrifying experience. On progressing, overcoming fear becomes easier and communication skills begin to develop. Students get these platforms easily, as it an essential part of their education system. Besides, adults can debate on an informal basis too.

Try to counter your friend’s point of view and, bring your innovative ideas to the scenario. Besides, try to elaborate your views on that particular subject in an extended manner.


Unable to communicate and respond profoundly is no less than a disability. Not every mode of communication requires a pen. Therefore, one must be serious about his/her quality of communication. Along with this, personality must also be a focal point for many youngsters, as these two commodities go hand in hand. Your life can turn regretful when you lack these skills.

Commonly, introverts have a habit of diary writing, as they are deprived of these essential commodities. Don’t let yourself believe you cannot be more confident. Therefore, gain mastery of communication and personal development skills by these five tricks.

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