5 Habits that can improve your life

5 Habits that can improve your life


A habit is a repeated behavior or a regular practice that generally occurs by your subconscious state of mind. Habits usually develop at an early stage of life and are relatively hard to give up.

Habits can be further categorized, as stated below.

  1. Avoiding Habits – Avoiding Habits are the habits which you consciously make a note of, to break. These habits are the ones with a specific target in mind, like giving up on addictions like betting, boozing, or smoking, and others of like.
  1. Disciplined Habits – Disciplined Habits, as the name states, are usually the conscious habits wherein you do the task in a similar fashion on any given day. Examples of such habits include showing brand loyalty or traveling on the same path every day, or having tea at the same time every day, parking in the same slot every time, etc.
  1. Activating Habits – Activating Habits are those that are consciously taken up for activating your mind and soul. These habits are generally open-ended without any end desire in mind. Few activating habits include hugging your loved ones, going for a walk, or being choosy in picking the right food and activities of like.
  1. Insensible Habits – Insensible Habits form a majority share in your regular set of habits. When you are unconsciously doing something repeatedly like playing your fingers around your hair, rubbing your palms, or being a pessimist in almost all your statements and many of like. Insensible Habits are usually not known to you unless the other person brings that to your notice.

Having said all that, a number of habits you experience a day in and day out either from self or from others certainly leaves a space for you to scribble your opinion.

Five Habits that can improve your life are quoted below to spin towards being better. Because when you strive to become better than you actually are now, then everything around you also becomes better automatically.

  1. Define your lifestyle.

Your lifestyle and the quality of life you lead marks a significant difference. You have to get habituated to eating healthy food, spending on happiness, and optimally utilize your resources. Your habits for a peaceful and mental state of mind also matters.

Doing yoga and meditation and other physical workouts will all help you boost your energy levels and also help you work with a rejuvenated mindset in achieving your goals. Exercise regularly. Think positive. Have a broad mindset. Always carry a smile on your face.

Spend time with your loved ones. Walk your talk. Mentor others and try to be a role model, at least for one person in your world. Ultimately you need to remember that your good habits are what actually increase your quality of life.

  1. Pay Gratitude

Spend time in solitude. Try to make out time for your own self every single day and speak to your inner self. Say thank you to yourself too. You deserve it for all the good work you did.

Also, be empathetic. Put yourself in the shoes of others and understand their inner feelings. Convey golden words like thank you and sorry and make it a point that you convey your gratitude to them instantaneously. Doing so, the other person is happy, and in turn, you are also happy.

Thank god, nature, and the environment, because of which you are existing. Enjoy nature. Cherish the beauty around you.

  1. Grow with black and white material

Read a lot of literature. Make it a habit that you read a lot of books of varied nature. Learning is a skill, and it can be mastered by reading enough. You should at least read something new every day.

If you learn from your mistakes, you get older by the time you get a second chance to correct yourself. But by reading and knowing what others have experienced and how they have arrested the problem, it becomes a cakewalk for you in approaching and arresting problem-solving situations.

  1. Time, Stress and Anger Management

If you attain emotional intelligence and have the ability to burst out your stress and effectively manage your time, you become an ideal person where others follow you.

All these can be achieved by working out a proper schedule as per the priority levels of the tasks and working along. Managing all these will surely improve your today over yesterday and your tomorrow over today.

  1. Burst out addictions

You may be having one or more bad habits like an addiction to smoke or drink etc. Work out ways to give up that addiction. Every step you take towards giving up on your bad habit is actually your stepping stone for an improved life.

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